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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Payson Temple Cultural Celebration

Had the opportunity to go to the Payson Temple Cultural Show with my family because my oldest niece, Reanne, was in the show. I had never been to one of these cultural shows and wasn't expecting much, but the she was actually pretty awesome! It just got better and better as the show went on. We were lucky. We were running late because my parents had to Jump my sister's car... as we were on our way it started to DOWN POUR. The rain was insane. They postponed the show because of it. People started to leave because of the rain so we got an awesome spot next to the stadium even though we were running late. We just stayed in the car while it rained and just listened for the announcements. Even though they still were saying the show was postponed... it pretty much stopped... just a little bit of a sprinkle. So we started walking to the stadium. We found a spot to sit and then as soon as we got seated, they announced the show would start in 10 minutes. The kids all prayed for the rain to stop and it stopped and when the show was over it started to rain a little again. It couldn't have all turned out more perfect, the show just ended up starting an hour later than it was supposed to.

The program began with President Eyring speaking. He told everyone to pay attention to the feelings that they would feel that night. I didn't really think I would feel the spirit from watching a bunch of kids dancing. However, what I was really touched by was how everyone is SO excited for this temple. People feel just as excited and blessed for having this temple ... the 15th or whatever temple in Utah just as much as if it were the first temple to be put in Utah. To me, that was such a testimony of temples and what a true blessing they are and how we should never take them for granted no matter how many you have near you. They do bring blessings and we are blessed to have every temple that we have on this earth.

The show started with the releasing of doves. They circled the stadium a few times and then left right on cue. I think they were trained doves. Each stake was represented in the show... had a song and dance that told the history of their city.

They had kids jumping on trampolines and 2,000 stripling warriors, bright colors, hula hoops... It was great!

But my favorite part of the show just happened to be the part Reanne was in. Not just because Reanne was in it, but it was visually the most amazing part of the show PLUS I loved the song... it was from Lion King the musical. It was the storm and then Reanne was part of the sunshine group in the yellow.

The show ended with all of the kids in the stands. I believe there were 13,000 of them. In a wave, they all took off their white shirts to reveal colored shirts and they ended up in a rainbow and then released yellow balloons in the sky. It was an awesome ending! The kids did great!


Lynette Mills said...

It was a surprisingly great show. So glad we got to see it.

Lori said...

Wish my family could have been there for the celebration! Maybe one day we will be a part of one in California :)

jamie hixon said...

That looks amazing!! I totally want to see a video.