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Monday, June 1, 2015

Buffalo Peak

This summer I am all about being outside as much as I can help it. I want to explore all that I can in Utah. There is SO much to explore here. Even tons of places so close to where I live that I have never been to before... like this hike, Buffalo Peak. It is near Squaw Peak and has the most incredible view without a TON of hiking. Can't beat that. Right now is the perfect time of year to be in the mountains. This is the time of year that everything is at it's greenest. I LOVE it.

Thankfully my friend Becca thinks like I do. She loves to be out exploring as well, so hopefully we will be doing a lot of that together this summer.

We found this guy on the side of the trail. Never seen one before... well, in the wild anyway.

I would love to go back to this spot to camp as well. We saw some fire pits up there. Hopefully a lot more of this to come!


Lori said...

Looks so pretty! It looks like you had to do a ton of hiking to get there... I guess looks can be deceiving?! Good job getting out there!!

jamie hixon said...

Pretty views.