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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Did You Think To Pray

My singing BFF moved to Salt Lake a couple of years ago. We used to sing together all of the time. We even made a CD together. Well, since he moved we no longer sing together. We rarely even see each other in fact. That is what happens when you move to a different city.

Well, Wes decided that he wanted to sing in his ward and that he missed singing with me, so he asked me if I would sing with him in his ward. I of course said yes.

We were supposed to sing the Sunday after I got back from my trip... but I ended up losing my voice and had to cancel. We rescheduled for today! His ward starts at 9 so I had to get up pretty early to get ready and drive up to Salt Lake before his church started so that we could practice.

We decided to sing a song that we had sung together before when we were in the same ward. "Did you Think to Pray".

It went great. Except for the fact that Wes had his phone in his pocket and even though it was on silent... when he got a Facebook notification while we were singing, it had major feedback in the microphone. I recorded it on my phone... you will know exactly what I am talking about when you listen to it. He quickly took the phone out of his pocket and threw it on the floor while we were singing. I'm glad it didn't through me off. ha ha. He apologized to me for it happening, but I didn't care... it was his ward that he had to explain it to over and over again. ha ha.

Anyway, Love Wes. He is a great friend and I am glad we had the chance to sing together again like old times. It's a pretty arrangement.


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jamie hixon said...

The end was cut off for me, which is a shame because it sounded like a pretty ending. I swear at the beginning you sounded like me! We should sing together more, our voices are so similar. And you looked amazing, FYI.