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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 335

Starting where I left off....

I survived another quarter end. Actually... this one wasn't bad at all, but we still have to stick around just in case... which stinks. Seems like such a waste of time. That and they fatten us up. I hate that part of quarter end. I always feel so gross after. It's like... whatever weight I might have lost in Havasupai... I'm positive I gained it back during quarter end.

I was super bummed because my family and my Uncle Dale & Aunt Teresa and cousin Lauren and her family invited me to hang out/ camp up Payson canyon on Friday... but with quarter end, I knew that I wouldn't really get to. Thankfully they let us off early enough that I hurried up the canyon and got to see everyone for like an hour before everyone left or went to sleep. Except for my uncle Dale and aunt Teresa... we had a heart to heart and ended up talking until midnight. I really love them and love the conversations that we have. They are so loving and so fun to talk to. So I was glad I went up.

I didn't end up doing much the next day. I still was trying to get back into things since getting home from Havasupai. It was so busy going straight back to work and into quarter end when I got back that it took me longer than usual to unpack and put things away and do laundry and go food shopping and everything that I needed to do, so I just did that on Saturday. Boring, I know. I didn't even exercise because my feet and leg are still recovering. I did go on another exciting Tinder date though. I mean... it wasn't all that exciting, we just hung out and got a shake and we didn't connect in person as much as we did over text. Sometimes that happens. I would go out with him again... but I could tell that he wasn't that into it, so I'm pretty sure I will never hear from him again. It's fine... I'm pretty numb to dating these days. I rarely get excited even when I see potential. How sad is that? It's amazing that I even still try and go out and meet new guys when I feel this way. Oh well. I look forward to the day I get excited over a guy again. It's been a long time.

Sunday was a typical Sunday where I enjoyed spending time with the family. My dad has been putting in a new floor and they have a new dining room. The more they get done with the house, the more people it will accommodate which will be fun. I think changing things up and doing new things with the house is very exciting. Makes me wish I had my own place and could do that kind of stuff... but I would have to stop traveling in order to afford that... and I just don't think that is worth it to me. ha ha.

Monday, my manager volunteered me to take a co-worker that is in town out to dinner. I don't know why I get volunteered to entertain strangers since I don't talk to hardly anyone at work and have made it known to her that I don't like very many people there. She still is convinced that I am one of the more fun people here. Ha! Flattering I guess. With Leo I was fine with it and even excited because he was was single and cute... but this lady, I don't know... I just wasn't in the mood to try and be friendly with someone in town for a couple of days. I said I would though. Thankfully my co-worker, Joe (one of the few people that I actually on my new team) volunteered to come with us to dinner. I was thankful for this, he is good with getting to know new people. Everyone likes Joe. It put less pressure on me and I felt less awkward trying to make an effort. Thank you Joe! Funny that all of my favorite people at work... all of my closest work friends are married men. What does that say about me?

Tuesday after work I hung out with another guy I met online. It was ok. He was kind of weird. We will never talk again. I'm fine with that.

Wednesday I went over to my parents house to use their wood stain to stain a crate that I had recently bought at Home Depot. You can always use a crate right? That is what I figured when I bought it. They are cute when you stain them. So I did... and I love the way it looks now. I have no idea what I will use it for, but it was cheap and I can figure that out later. I have no doubt I will find a good use for it and perhaps even go back to Home Depot and buy another one. I ended up staying way longer than I planned because uncle Dale and aunt Teresa ended up coming over. So I hung out with them a bit... because I always enjoy their company.

Oh... I also went up Little Cottonwood Canyon with my friend Lacy that I helps run the gym at work. She is a lot of fun and we always enjoy chatting when I go to work out. We follow each other on Instagram and she loves my outdoor adventures and had been wanting to go on one with me since her husband isn't super into that. So she said... lets go check out the wildflowers before they die up at Little Cottonwood Canyon after work one day. So I said... absolutely. We went and had a lot of fun enjoying the great outdoors. Grabbed some dinner on the way home as well. She is young, but super chill and fun. Very easy to get along with. So glad we went. Hopefully that is not our last adventure.

Besides that, I have had another week off of my personal trainer. I have tried to exercise on my own, but I haven't been doing a great job of it this week. Sad. I would have gone back this week, but he was gone on vacation. Is it weird that I started off hating it so much and now it feels weird without it and a part of me misses it? Yikes! Who ever thought THAT would happen! Ha ha. Well, I will be back next week with him and hopefully two weeks off doesn't make it TOO hard to go back!

I guess that is it people! My life isn't really that exciting this week. It's hard for it to top Havasupai. Not all weeks can be as awesome and adventurous I guess.

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jamie hixon said...

Look at you, Hollywood girl! Personal trainer for life! ;) I actually went back to pilates today and I can already tell I am going to be so sore tomorrow.

I'm glad you survived another quarter end! You should be on that "I survived" show. Also cool that you got to camp with the fam. I'm a little bit jealous.