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Monday, August 29, 2016

Silver Lake... Pond

So Originally I wanted to camp in the Uintas and paddle board and sleep in the car and do night photography and asked Kyle if he wanted to go with me. He said he would but he doesn't want to miss out on anything and commits to everything with everyone and then either his friends flake on him or he decides he doesn't want to do it for some reason or another... so he told me he would come and then that he only wanted to do Saturday afternoon/night and go up to Silver Lake.

That was better than nothing, so I agreed. Silver Lake is beautiful, so I thought that would be nice. Last time I was there in June, it was awesome. Great paddle Boarding and so beautiful there.

When Kyle and I drove up there... different story this time. I knew that Tibble Fork has been under construction all summer, but I didn't know they had also drained Silver Lake. SAD! However... we were there, so we decided to make the best out of the pond that was left there. Thankfully I decided not to bring my paddle board, because that would have been for nothing. Instead, I just brought my inflatable couch and just sat next to the pond until the sun set.

I took some pictures of the sunset while Kyle decided he wanted to build a fire, so he was gathering wood and built a fire with no help except a lighter he borrowed from a fisherman. I was impressed. It was windy too, so it was a challenge, but he did it. Then we just waited until it got dark.

It got too cold for me, so I waited in the car cuddled up in my blankets until I felt like it was dark enough. Kyle stayed by his little fire. When I felt like all the stars were out, I grabbed my camera and went back outside with Kyle and he helped me figure out my camera and how best to capture the stars. I think I need another lens to capture them the way I see others do it... but I felt like this was a great start! I like how this turned out. Thanks Kyle for helping me out. :)

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jamie hixon said...

I think your star pic is rad! Nice job. And if you would have brought your paddle board it would have made for some pretty funny pictures.