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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


For the first time ever (since I have been working at Novell/Micro Focus) we had a paid for Lagoon day that we didn't have to take time off for. So for the first time ever, I went to Lagoon. Ha ha. I know I know... I have lived in Utah for how long and never been to Lagoon? True story. I just never cared enough. Plus... I'm not a roller coaster person. So why spend the money to go? Plus, most friends that invited me in the past, when I told them I didn't like roller coasters they took back their invitation. I wasn't offended. Never really had a desire to go anyway.

I got 2 tickets when we were supposed to sign up for tickets. I didn't have anyone to take, but I got tickets anyway... just in case. I didn't have a date to take, I don't have a family and I don't have a lot of friends anymore. All the friends I do have all have to work on Thursday, so it wasn't looking like I was going to go. However, then I talked to Lacy at the gym... every time I go down to work out, I chat with her. She was invited to participate in Lagoon day. She was planning on going and taking one of her friends and then her husband would most likely join when he got off of work. She told me I could join her and her friend. I agreed and planned to go and try and find a friend to come. I didn't try very hard. Her friend ended up not being able to go. The night before she text me and asked me if I still wanted to go. I said I was fine going or not going... we could even go on a hike instead of Lagoon and I would be fine. Anyway.... she grew up going a lot so we decided to just go and hang out at Lagoon A Beach and hang out and get the free dinner on the company and then when her husband came, I would just go home.

So we did that. We went and got their in the afternoon. We hung out in the water park and just lay there and chatted for hours. When her husband got there, we over to get the free dinner (which was NOT very good) and I was surprised how many people I saw from work that I knew. Nobody from my team. I don't think a lot of people from my team went. I didn't really want to be a third wheel with Lacy and her husband that I didn't really know... I mean, I had met him once, but that was it. However, after we finished dinner... Lacy told me that I had to try at least a few roller coasters that she thought I would handle (aka ones that didn't go upside down) ha ha. So I said ok. Turns out her husband was really cool too and I didn't really feel like a 3rd wheel. So we all ended up hanging out the rest of the night. Lacy and I went on one roller coaster while her hubby played Basket Ball games which he was most looking forward to because he doesn't really like roller coasters either. ha ha. They were telling me that they have these singing/dancing shows that are really funny/terrible, so we decided to go to one. Oh... it was bad. I laughed when nobody else was laughing. I couldn't tell if they were being serious or not. Anyway... my favorite moment of the day was during that show, I saw my friend and co-worker Dave sitting at that show. We made eye contact at the same time and kind of nodded at each other to say hey... but then quickly realized we were both really embarrassed to be running into each other at that show and were covering our heads. We weren't close enough to say anything to each other... but our facial expressions said it all. I was laughing so hard after that and so was he. His wife turned to him and asked him what was so funny. Afterwords I went to say hi and how hard that made me laugh and he said they went because they thought it was a kid show... we didn't even have that excuse.

Anyway, I wasn't overly excited for Lagoon. Lacy and her husband made it really fun though. It was fun to run into random co-workers all day and it was fun to not be at work. Nice little break. Thanks Micro Focus for the Lagoon day and thank you Lacy for going with me so that I actually went. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone.

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jamie hixon said...

So funny. I feel like I went to Lagoon maybe when we were younger? But maybe not. Maybe our cousins just talked about going? I have no idea. Glad you got to check that off your Utah "to do" list in the least painful way possible. ;)