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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 338

The Olympics are coming to a close. It's a good thing. This is about the time I am ready for them to be over because we are at the end of 2 weeks and all I have been doing pretty much every night it sitting and watching. It's a lot of Olympics to take in. Work all day and at home at night. It's been great though. USA has been rocking it. I don't think ANYONE could catch up to our medal count at this point. Go USA.

Friday I didn't have anything to do so...... I went to go see a movie by myself. No big deal. I just do that now. If I have nothing to do and want to leave the house... I mean, why not. Perfect solution. I saw Bad Mom's. Which was pretty funny.

Saturday's big event was the Josh Groban concert that I had been looking forward to all summer. Already blogged about that awesome experience. SO GOOD! I will keep going to Josh as as as he keeps coming to Utah.

Sunday was the usual dinner with the family. Always a good time. My family is the best.

Monday, after my work out with Josh... I was eating dinner while watching the sunset when I get a text from Stacey telling me that he made dinner and that I should come over and have some. Stacey is a great cook, so even though I was already eating dinner, I told him I would come mostly because I wanted to just hang out with him and see his new place and just try whatever he made. So I went over to his new place, which is super nice. He made me up a small plate of some shrimp dish that he made and some broccoli. So good, and we drank juice out of fancy glasses out on his patio while watching the end of the sunset and chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. We always have a good chat. In fact, whenever we talk it ends up being HOURS until we go home. I ended up going home around 11pm. Good times. Glad we are friends.

Tuesday I didn't do anything except for work and gym. Those nights are not bad either. Enjoy just relaxing at home when I have super busy weeks. Although with some free time, you would think that I would get some projects done that I have piling up. Allison asked me if the Havasupai video was almost done.... ummmm..... haven't started yet. Sorry. I haven't even finished my Puerto Rico video yet. Yikes... I know... I'm behind, big time. I have to give myself deadlines or something. I just have some free time, and I feel like doing nothing instead of getting something else done. Hopefully I will catch up soon. I don't like it when too many projects pile up on me.

Wednesday I drove to Saratoga Springs to my cousin Dave's house after work and the gym. Why? Because Heather is helping me finally start my travel blog. It is pretty slow going, but it will get there eventually. I also need to work on putting a lot more content up. Part of my list of projects I need to do. She has been so great to help me though. This is the push that I need to finally do this. Once it is set up and going... THEN I don't think I will have a problem keeping it updated. At least I hope not. Just need to treat it like another job I guess.

Today was a HUGE movie day for me. First we went to the movie's for work. I was so excited because I used to do this with my old team after every quarter end. It was tradition. Since I moved to my new team a little over a year ago, I haven't been able to do that. Not a tradition with that team. However, someone gave our team money to do whatever we wanted with to say thanks for quarter end, and everyone decided on a movie. I was so excited because usually everyone just wants food. A movie is so much better! So we went and saw the new Star Trek as a team. It was fun. Then it was back to work and then the gym.... and then MORE MOVIES!! Why? Well.... I will do another blog post for this, but MacKenzie and I went to the drive in theater tonight in SLC and watched a double feature. So fun. I hadn't been to a drive in movie in years.

So I guess that is it. My fun filled week. I'm sad that summer is coming to an end. I'm not ready for it to get cold again. I guess I will have to come up with another game plan this year to be gone as much of Winter as I can. :) Last year I did pretty well.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh I didn't even know there was a new star trek out. Shows how much I go to the movies. We have been broke all year, so you know.

I didn't know Stacey got a new place. So, no more living with the other guys, or are they still all together?