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Friday, August 26, 2016


It has been YEARS since I have been to the Drive-In movie's. In fact, I forget that we have one because I didn't grow up with one and the one here is in Salt Lake, so it isn't exactly super close. Anyway... while MacKenzie and I were at the Josh Groban concert on Saturday, we were talking about all the other things that were going on that night that we were missing out on, but did NOT regret being at Josh Groban. Just a happening night. There was a REAL Soccer game, the Lantern Festival was that night and then MacKenzie mentioned that at the drive in movie there was a double feature of Pete's Dragon (the new one) and Finding Dory, which we both hadn't seen either one and wanted to see both. We both grew up loving the old Pete's Dragon and were super curious about the new one. Plus it is so fun to go to outdoor movies in the summer. So we were bummed to miss that. Still no regrets being at Josh Groban.

So later that week I checked the Drive-In movies to see if that double feature would play again. The last night for those 2 movies was on Thursday night. The first movie doesn't start until it gets dark and then the next movie starts 20 minutes or so after the first one ends... so we knew it would make for a late night, but we decided to go. Gotta live a little right? So what if we lose a little sleep here and there.

So after my workout at the gym, I went home and quickly showered and then picked up MacKenzie. We first went to Sodalicious because that is what we do. Then to Spitz to pick up some dinner to eat while we watched the movie. This was my idea. You can bring in food to drive in movies, that is one of the best parts! I was craving Spitz (Mediterranean Street Food) and MacKenzie had never had it before, so she was up for it. After getting our food, we got to the Drive-In RIGHT as Pete's Dragon was starting. There was hardly anyone there, which was awesome. The trunk of my car was already set up as a bed because I was too lazy to take it down and I was getting a lot of use of it like this... so all we had to do was back up into our spot and open the trunk. I brought twinkle lights which was great so we could see our food better. I have a great sound system in my car, so the sound for the movie was awesome. It was pretty much the best set up for the Drive-In.

After eating our DELICIOUS food we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed both movies. Both movies were great. We even brought a little dessert for the second movie. The only think that stinks about my car for the Drive-In is that I have a push start button for my car instead of a key... meaning without the car running, the power would only stay on for a half hour. So ever half hour we had to press the start button again to keep hearing the sound. Ha ha... besides that, it was the perfect sound and set up for the Drive-In. In fact...I would look at other cars around us and people were setting up camping chairs around their car. I thought... they really don't know how to do this. Meanwhile, we were laying down on memory foam and with comfy blankets and pillows and twinkle lights and delicious food. Yep. Best way to watch a movie in the summer if I do say so myself. So glad we went... even if we didn't get much sleep that night and had to go to work the next day.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, you are making me jealous. Mostly I'm just hungry and that food sounds amazing. haha. But also, I want to see those movies, and it is super possible that I have never been to a drive through movie.