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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 336

This week's confession...

I already blogged about the Salmon Supper and the Aquabats concert. So I guess that starts us with Saturday. I met up with my cousin's wife, Heather, to talk about FINALLY starting up a travel blog, which I have been wanting to do for years. I just haven't really known where to start or how to do the business aspect of it. So she is so great and it going to help me with that.

Later on I met up with Kyle and we went paddle boarding. He of course always brings a friend... this one just got off of his mission. He hangs out with babies. Seriously, these people are young enough that I could have babysat them when I was a teenager. I just go with it though. Who cares. I'm not looking to date any of them. If they want to come paddle board with me and Kyle, they can come paddle board with us. This guy just made me laugh because he was trying to come across as SO mature and that he was so sick of the dating games. Talking to the WRONG girl. ha ha. He doesn't even know the half of it.

Sunday was family dinner and then after I went over to Dave and Heather's to actually set up the blog. We still have just a bunch of scattered thoughts on paper... but I bought the domain for my blog and kind of set it up. I can figure out how I want it to look later. I will probably be asking lots of people's advice on it. I want it to be just right before I go live.

Monday was my first week back with Josh after a 2 week (almost) break from working out with him. It wasn't terrible getting back into the swing of things... but I was sore again and I haven't been sore for a while. That is ok. It isn't as bad as the first week. Nothing is as bad as the first week was. Yikes. I still haven't weighed or measured since before I went to Havasupai, so I wonder what the two weeks off did to me there. I mean... on one hand, I did a lot of sweating and exercising in Havasupai... on the other hand, I did the opposite of that during Q-End and probably gained back anything I lost in Havasupai. I wish I didn't hate the scale so much. I told Josh that I was weigh myself next week and he could measure me then and see where I am at. So I will report then. As of now, it stinks getting back into the gym grind... but it's good. I need it. I need that push and motivation and accountability.

I also already blogged about Lagoon. That was the exciting part of my week. I got the day off and a free ticket into Lagoon which I had never been to before. It really was just a fun day with my new friend Lacy at work. I am just so glad that I have a friend at work that isn't a married man that I can't really hang out with at those things. Instead she is a married girl that I can hang out with. ha ha. There are VERY few single people where I work. I guess I could have hung out with Tyler and his kids as well, we were texting each other throughout the night saying where we were in the park, but not enough that I could actually find him to say hi. Too bad. Tyler is fun. I had fun with Lacy though.

Besides that, my life has been watching the Olympics. I am just glad that I am able to watch them now. At first I got SOOOO frustrated. 2 years ago when the Winter Olympics were on, I was able to just watch it online and it didn't matter that I didn't have cable. Well... this time around, they decided to make it extra difficult for anyone that doesn't have cable. They would let you watch a half hour online and make you think they were going to let you keep watching.. but then BAM, nope, sorry... you have to have cable. I was SO irritated. I thought for sure that I would be able to find a way around it, but I failed. Even the week of free "Sling" that I signed up for (another way to watch tv online) didn't show the main coverage of the Olympics. When the main coverage was on, they were showing sports jeopardy. That really got my blood boiling. Why were they denying the average American the opportunity to cheer for the USA by watching the Olympics. It should be like General Conference where everyone has access. There should be a way for everyone to watch. It's the Olympics for crying out loud! ANYWAY... I finally called my parents after hours of frustration and begged them to give me their username and password to their cable so that I could watch the Olympics. So they of course didn't remember what it was, but my dad could sense my frustration, and being a good dad, called their cable company and changed the password and called me up and gave it to me. After that... I was a happy girl. I watched the Olympics all day at work, whatever events I felt like watching (that had already passed or were live) and then I watch the main coverage at night at home. I LOVE the Olympics. So it is exciting to watch all of the events and see us win so much gold. I also get excited when Brazil wins anything too since they are on their home turf. Fabio (one of the guys I met in Brazil that is in me and Stacey's video) even was sending me talk text telling me how we were doing so well in the Olympics but he was hoping they would win their soccer game. It was cute. Such a nice guy. It's fun that he still keeps in touch from time to time. I have actually been pleasantly surprised how many friends I have made abroad that have kept in touch. It's really fun. I'm sure probably some of it is them wanting to practice and keep up on their English. Except the girls I met from New Zealand... obviously. We just bonded and are the same type of people. It's always fun to hear from them. ANYWAY... so happy to be watching the Olympics. I'm glued. Another week of it to go. But the first week is always my favorite with all of the swimming and gymnastic events.


jamie hixon said...

So 3 of the US water polo girls on the Olympic team are from Santa Barbara. Weird, right? One of them, Sami Hill, is(was?) Mormon. Dan home-taught their family. I tried watching the Olympics but I couldn't find any of the good stuff. People keep posting to Facebook when people break their legs or almost die. No thanks.

jamie hixon said...

PS Yay for your travel blog!