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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Sadly the Beta that my cousin Dave bought me (Luna) died. I waited until after I traveled to the Middle East, and Mexico... but now I'm ready to have another Beta. I just like having one I guess. So... I went to buy one.

I went to PetSmart hoping to find the new Purple Rain. When I say new Purple Rain, I realize that no other Beta could replace Purple Rain, but one that has the same energy and hopefully will live close to as long as he did.

I picked one out. Long tail like P-Rain, but this little guy has blue and red. He has a lot of energy and follows me when I am around and gets excited when I come home because he knows I am going to feed him... just like P-Rain did. So I have high hopes for this little guy.

Now... for a good name. I feel like because P-Rain lived so long (5 years which is like a million in Beta years) and had such a stellar name and theme song, I felt I needed to do the same for this little guy.

I thought long and hard and even brain stormed with MacKenzie. I came to a conclusion. I decided to stick with the rock stars that have passed away. The last one was named after a Prince song. Davie Bowie passed away not that long ago as well... so...  his name is Bowie and his theme song is Space Oddity.  I almost named him Major Tom... but I liked Bowie better. So Bowie it is. I hope Bowie sticks around for a while.

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