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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 358

So... starting off the new year. Hillary and I patched things up a little bit. Friday we got together for the first time in a long time and went to dinner and a movie (saw the new Star Wars Movie Rouge One). We also did a little bit of shopping. It was good to catch up with her. I miss hanging out with her... but I am not going to get used to having her around again either... because even though she is no longer with the last boyfriend... I can tell she is about to get another one... so I don't think our relationship will change... but at least we are on better terms than we left things off before. Will just need to continue to make new friends.

Sunday I went to dinner with the family after church at the new time 1pm (yuck) and I was super excited because my Aunt Brenda & Uncle Carl and cousin Dave were all there for dinner. I love the Anderson family. We had some good food and some good times.

Monday was back to the grind. Work, then work out with my trainer... then watched The Bachelor with MacKenzie and her roommates. Just my typical Monday... you know. Watching the Bachelor is way more fun to watch with a group of people so you can all make fun of it together. I really love to make fun of it.

Tuesday after work and my trainer... I decided to take a bath. It's cold out and I didn't have anything to do and relaxing in a hot bath sounded really nice... so I put in some bubble bath and filled up my tub. It of course would be more relaxing if my tub were big enough to have my entire body under the water. I have to choose one half at a time... upper half or lower half. Maybe if my tub could fit my entire body, I would take more baths. Anyway... it was nice. Then I got a text.

Who was the text from? Tyler. Who is Tyler? This guy that I met online in June and that has been in and out of my life since. It will be weeks sometimes months before I hear from him again. We have a great time together... but I don't put any stalk in it besides that it is fun. Anyway... this time it had been 4 months since I had heard from him. I honestly didn't think I would hear from him again. Anyway... he wanted to see me and catch up... so he came over after my bath and we hung out the rest of the night until I went to bed.

Wednesday after work and the gym with the trainer... I headed up to Salt Lake to get my eyelashes filled by my good friend Ali. Since she has now had her baby... we can finally trade again and I can go back to giving massages instead of having to pay for my fills. Nice to be able to save a little bit of money. It is also so fun to catch up with her. She has become a good friend over the years of doing my eyelashes. She has been doing them for like 4 years now I think. Crazy.

Guess that brings us to today. Today was work and the gym and.... that is it. I know... my life is really exciting sometimes. Work, gym, work, gym work, gym. I wish my body showed how much I go to the gym. Oh... the company that gave me free hammocks... they asked me to do a giveaway on my Instagram. So... I am doing my first giveaway... giving away a hammock. We will see how that goes.

That is all. Until next week!

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