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Monday, January 9, 2017

Mr. Snapchat

Early October of 2015 ( a year and 4 months ago) I went out with this guy that I met online. I even blogged about him, but I won't reference the blog post since I try to keep my guy stories anonymous. We only went out the one time. It was fun... we hung out Friday night and then went on a hike Saturday. However, he lived at the airforce base in Ogden... so I knew that we wouldn't really see each other much.

Well... we continued texting each other for a couple of months after we hung out and we followed each other on Instagram and would like each others pictures, but then I noticed he got a girlfriend. So... I unfollowed him on Instagram and we are still facebook friends... but I made it so his pictures and stuff didn't show up in my feed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Months and months go by. He stopped liking my pictures... I wasn't even sure if he followed me anymore. I didn't even think about him anymore. His mom was following me on Instagram as well... and she stopped liking my pictures as well, so I don't know if she followed me anymore either, but who cares... he was dating someone.

This last fall (a year after we went out once) I noticed that he started liking my pictures again on Instagram. Not all the time, but occasionally. I checked his page... still dating the girl. It's fine, he is just liking my pictures, that is all.

A couple of months ago, he added me on Snapchat... which I really don't use. If someone sends me a snapchat, I send one back and that is pretty much all I use it for. I find it to be kind of stupid. Maybe because I don't like taking selfie's and that is what people do. Anyway... I added him, but didn't really think much of it.

A month ago, I receive a snapchat from him. A picture of him and saying he was bored at work. Now... I don't use snapchat much, but I know that you can send a snapchat to everyone in your contact list. So I wasn't sure if he just sent one to me or to everyone. Either way... I responded because that is what I do. I find it rude not to respond to people when they reach out to you. So I sent a snapchat back saying hi. This started up conversation.... I asked him what was new since we last spoke. He said nothing... just work. He asked me what was new with me and I told him work and travel and he told me how much he loved seeing my pictures and all the cool things I do.

Conversation ended and I thought... I wonder when he and his girlfriend broke up.... because that is what guys do. They break up after a long relationship, they get lonely and then reach out to old flings. I have seen it before. This wasn't the first time a guy has done that to me. So I go to his Instagram page. Still says he is in a relationship with that same girl. What? I look at his last post... the last post with the girl was in August... so nothing in the last 4 or 5 months. Maybe he just hasn't updated it? So naturally I feel the need to continue my stalking. Now I was super curious and confused. We are still facebook friends... so I went to his facebook page. I start looking at his info and looking through his pictures.

What did I find out? Well... not only are he and the girl still together, but then GOT MARRIED in August. I have to throw in the fact that he and this girl are not even Mormon and under the age of 25... so the fact that they started dating and got married within 7 months is kind of nuts. So he is totally married and I continue looking and I see that... they are expecting a baby! No joke. From my stalking... I could see that she did all the posting and he didn't post much about them together after they got married.

My jaw dropped. Why was he reaching out to me? Over the next couple of days after that he would send some snap chats to me. Were they just to me? Or to everyone? I don't know... but why did he add me a couple of months ago? Do I call him out on it? Or let it go because he wasn't flirting or trying to do anything sketchy? He wasn't trying to make a pass so I decided to ignore and let it go.

The other day I get a another snapchat from him. No picture, it is just text. It says.. "I still think about the night and next day adventure that we had together".

Really? You are married and have a kid on the way and you are thinking about that one time we spent together over a year ago? Think about your wife dude... think about your wife. 

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