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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

Well... it's that time of year again. Where I look over my last year and how I did on my goals and set some new ones for the new year.

Let's first look at some highlights...

I saw 2 more Wonders of the World... Petra & Chichen Itza.

Again, I didn't see a new state this year (you would think this would be easy) but I did see 2 new countries and a US territory Puerto Rico and Israel and Jordan.

Welcomed a new nephew into the family... Baby Lincoln.

Went Scuba diving in a new place, Cancun Mexico.

Saw a new National Park (Capitol Reef) and now have been to all 5 National Parks in Utah.

Tons more followers and features on Instagram.... which has been really cool.

Did a road trip where I camped in the car, which I loved.

Made lots of new friends and went on many fun adventures.

Those are just some highlights. I will do my full year review on my blogaversary.

So... not sure how great I did on my goals from last year. I lost some weight (Personal trainer helped a lot with that) but not nearly all of it or as much of it that I wanted to. I hate that this is a forever battle with me. It's something I have always struggled with and hate that I have to struggle with it, but such is life.

I visited 2 new countries, not not a new state. Unless you want to count the US territory. Or should we count that as my 3rd country? However you want to count Puerto Rico.

I did Scuba Dive somewhere new... so got to check that off.

Still didn't find love. No surprise there.

I wanted to work on my spirituality. Epic fail there. Instead of working on my spirituality I went inactive for half the year. Go me.

So what do I want out of 2017?

I want to move.

I want to become more of a minimalist.

I again want to visit a new National Park, a new state and a new country.

I want to dive somewhere new.

I FOR REALS want to work on my spirituality.

It never happens... but I'm still hoping to find love.

I want to be more proactive about planning trips and adventures to bring fun, family and friends together.

Continue building better relationships with family and friends.

Not giving up on my weight loss/ health goal. If I don't give up... I have to get there one day right?

I want to Convert my car into a part time camper.

I actually wrote out a long list of goals in a separate place that I can look at regularly.. but you get the point. Here is to a new year to new adventures, new friends, new experiences and hopefully a better me.

Like last year, I thought it would be fun to share my best 9 of 2016... according to the app that creates it by the number of likes you get.

I of course made a different one to better represent my year. Happy New Year.


Lori said...

Your pictures are so amazing! You are amazing and I am proud of you for all you do. If there are any goals that I can help with, i'm here for you. Love you sis.

Lynette Mills said...

I love all your pictures, your nine are much more you! I love being the mom of such an adventurer. I sort of get to live it thru you! Ha! Thanks for that. Happy Sunday ...