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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 357

So the adventure continued in Mexico....

Friday I convinced everyone to go scuba diving even though none of them were certified. They all did discover scuba. I was so proud of them. I was so happy to be able to go. I hadn't been diving since I was in the Philippines. There was a storm coming, so there was a chance that we wouldn't be going, but we went early enough that we missed the storm... barely. The water was super choppy to the point where a few people in the group got sea sick and tossed their cookies over the board. I was fine though and the dives were great. Underwater museum was cool and the reef was beautiful and I even got up and close to a sea turtle. Highlight of my trip for sure. After we got done with both of our dives, we went back and had lunch... the group made fun of me because I always ordered nachos. I just love nachos. After lunch we decided to hang out at the beach... however, because of the storm coming in... it wasn't all that warm. It was quite windy so laying on the beach was annoying because so much sand was being blown on us. Then... it started to rain. Not just rain... pour! We all got super soaked and ran back to the car and headed back to the air b & b where I showered and got changed and all the sand off. It was  mess. After that we decided to try and go out again. We went to grab some dinner and then in the end ... ended up at some sort of carnival where we of course got some churros.

Saturday was dedicated to driving to Chichen Itza where we spent the day exploring the wonder of the world and then going out to lunch, then swimming in the cenotes and then driving back... getting dressed up and then going out on the town for New Years Eve. I was kind of excited to be somewhere cool for New Year's Eve for once. However... the night didn't go as awesome as I was hoping. Our group was too big (in my opinion) and nobody could decide on anything so we just wondered around... everyone was hungry and I had a headache and downtown Cancun was crowded and I ended up looking down for a second and getting lost from the group for pretty much the rest of the night which put me in a bad mood because come midnight I was by myself watching the fireworks not knowing if anyone was even trying to find me and frustrated that it happened and that we couldn't make a decision of where to stop and stay and dance instead of continuing to wander through crowds. needless to say, it was a long and frustrating night... but I was still happy to be in Cancun rather than in Utah for once.

Sunday was mine and Jaylene's last day in Cancun. We pretty much packed up and then went to the beach and layed out until Jason took us to the airport. I was sad to leave most of the group. There were a couple people that I wasn't sad to leave... but most of them were great. Jaylene and I had a long journey home. Longer than the journey there if you can believe that. We flew from Cancun to Minneapolis Minnesota and then had an overnight layover. Oddly enough, Jaylene knew these 2 guys on our same flights... so we hung out with them in Minnesota. That airport was dead... which was nice, since we were going to try and get some sleep. We ended up finding a 2nd floor that was blocked off that we decided to camp out at for the night. To our surprise, once we got up there, we found cushions that folded out that we could lay on to sleep! Jaylene and I had both also bought Mexican blankets while in Cancun partly as a souvenir and partly because we knew we had an overnight layover on the way home. So we had the most ideal set up for sleeping in an airport that I have ever had... because sadly, I have slept in a lot of airports over the years. Anyway... the next morning we woke up and got on our flight back to Vegas and then we had to drive from Vegas back to Provo on Monday. It was a long way back... but it was all worth it.

Monday I was back by the afternoon. It was a holiday so I had the day off of work... so I had a little time to rest and shower and unpack and so laundry before going to bed and getting up for work Tuesday morning.

So I have pretty much just been recovering from the trip. Taking it easy. Kind of sick again which is a bummer. Traveling does that to you sometimes. Especially this time of year. Oh... and Candice (my new co-worker that I have been training) and I went to Paint Nite. I love Paint Nite. I will blog about that next.

Until next week....

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