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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Scuba Diving Cancun

Every time I travel somewhere new (near the ocean) I always try to go scuba diving. Nobody I was with was certified, but somehow I was able to convince them all to do discover scuba. I'm so thankful they were all adventurous enough to give scuba diving a try. I don't know how much they all liked it, but I had a blast. I LOVED it.

We had 2 dives. The first dive was at an underwater museum. It was my first time diving at an underwater museum... which was pretty cool. I don't think there are many of those in the world. Maybe 3? So that was fun.

The second dive was at a reef near Isla Mujeres. It was beautiful and I was lucky enough to see a Sea Turtle. I was the only one out of the group that got to see it and get my picture with it because I was one of the first ones down because I was the certified one... so they liked me going first... and because I was the certified one, I didn't have to wait for everyone to get down to the bottom of the ocean in order to explore around a little bit. So... lucky me! It was a beautiful and colorful dive. It was choppy at the surface, but underwater is peaceful and beautiful and relaxing. One of the reasons I love scuba diving so much is because you feel weightless and float while taking in this new world that not many people see and all you hear is your own deep breathing. Scuba diving is a pretty amazing experience. I love it.

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