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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 373

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you. I know... so nerdy. I celebrated by going to Paint Nite with my co-worker Cassie and her sister. There will be a separate blog post about that though.

Starting where I left off...  it was quarter end, so Thursday and Friday was just spent at work all day and all night. Always pretty boring on those days... but at least I get a little extra money in the bank on the next pay check.

Saturday was a full day. The LDS matchmaker set me up on a date with a guy that was in town from Idaho. I'm not sure why they thought we would be a good match because although he was nice, we had NOTHING in common. Like... not even a little. So that was an interesting hour. Blind dates don't really phase me though. I have been on so many dates that I can handle pretty much anything that I thrown at me. It isn't always fun, but I can handle it.

After my interesting date... I went to the mall. I am tired of living in spandex because all of my pants don't fit because I am too fat. I always refused to buy bigger pants because I don't want to accept me being fat, I want to lose the weight. But I decided it was time to break down and buy a couple of pants that are bigger so that I have other things to wear besides spandex. It's depressing... and I haven't given up on myself to lose the weight... I still need to come up with a plan, but until then, I have some new pants.

After that I went home to get errands done and change before heading to Saratoga Springs to go see Cally as Tinker Bell in her school's Peter Pan play. She was awesome. It was super well done in every way. I was so impressed by an elementary school production and how amazing the costume's and sets were. So cute. After I hung out with the Anderson's for a bit. Brenda and Lisa and a couple of Lisa's kids came to support Cally, so we all had a good time hanging out for a bit after.

Sunday was the usual Sunday dinner. Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa came over for a while after dinner and it is always fun to visit with them. I love that they pop over at my parents house every few weeks.  They are so fun.

Monday after work, I went running. Only 3 miles. I really need to start running longer if I am going to be serious about training for this half marathon I have coming up. I will work on that... I hate running, have I mentioned that? Why did I sign up for a half marathon again. Ugh.

Tuesday I was being lazy after work when I got a text from good ol Tyler. I never know when I am going to hear from that guy. We have the weirdest relationship. Seriously. Every time he comes over I think... there is a good chance I will never hear from him again or see him again... and then 2 weeks later he is back over. Then other times where I will think... oh, he will hear from him again in a couple of weeks begging me if he can come over. Then I won't hear from him in 4 months. I don't even know why I do it, except that I am careful not to form any sort of attachment and I do enjoy his company and all the things we talk about. We have a lot of deep life talks. We disagree on a lot of things, but for some reason, I still like our discussions. We are so weird. Maybe this will be the time that I never hear from him again... maybe he moved to Hawaii. I never know. He teases me telling me that is what keeps our friendship so interesting. I tell him he has issues.

Wednesday after work was another slow night with not a lot going on.

Other than that... I still work out with Jack on my lunch break and I have FINALLY convinced one of my co-workers to start going with me to the gym which makes it a lot easier to go when you have a buddy. I really just needed Jack to work out with me to motivate me to go... which he does and it is awesome. Now I just need to REALLY get serious about meal planning so that I can cut out the sugar. I wish I didn't love sweets to much. It is a problem. There are so many times that I am tempted to get back on Medifast... but I know that is just a temporary fix and I need to find a forever fix. It's a constant battle and I am a forever work in progress.

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