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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lantern Fest - Take 3

I went back to the Lantern Fest near the Salt Flats for the 3rd time! Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. I'm not. I will go again next year too. I would go to the second one this year... but I will be out of the country soo... next year it is. Pretty sure it is becoming my new festival of colors. Year 3... soon enough I will be going on 10 years. Ha ha. Let's not jump that far ahead... I don't like it.

Anyway... every year just gets bigger. More people. More lanterns. It's crazy but it also makes it that much more amazing, that much more beautiful, that much more magical. This festival I heard there were 15,000 people. So there were at least that many lanterns if not more because some people like sending off more than one. Crazy huh? Having the event near the Salt Flats definitely makes it so you can fit a ton of people and have room to grow. So we will see how it goes through the years.

The crew I went with was pretty fun. All Kyle's friends. 2 of them I already knew and the 2 guys are now 2 new friends. More so Tucker... because he rode in my car with me. He was cool though. We did a photoshoot at the salt flats before going to the festival since we were already going to be over that direction. I will post that separately. This post is ALL about the lanterns.

We got there not long before it was time to set the lanterns free. So we really cut it close. I was a bit bummed because we were not sitting close to the stage. Therefore, we couldn't hear the music they were playing with the lanterns were all floating away in the air. It made me so sad because that is one of the reasons why it is so magical! But seriously. I am heavily influenced by music. They should have a good enough sound system and speakers everywhere so everyone can hear and not just the people by the stage... but I'm not in charge. All I know is that next year I will not make that mistake again.

Not only could we not hear the music... but it was also quite windy... to the point where I am surprised they gave the approval for us to do it. Without the music... you heard lots of people screaming trying to dodge open flames from lanterns coming right for them. It happened to me. It was a little bit funny.. but mostly annoying. Oh well. It was still a very magical experience that I loved and will absolutely go back again next year for.

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