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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Relaxing up Hobble Creek Canyon

Tonight Rachel, Drew and I decided to find a spot up Hobble Creek Canyon to have a little fire and hang out. My goal is to make Rachel and Drew more outdoorsy. They both got along great too for hanging out for the first time. I mean... I'm not surprised, they are both pretty easy going and friendly. Drew was a little shy at first, but that's ok.

Rachel brought this stuff that you throw into the flame of a fire and it makes it change lots of pretty colors. It is pretty awesome. I already love to watch campfire's... this just made me want to stare even more.

It was a pretty chill night. I was so happy just to be spending time outdoors. As you know... it's my favorite. So hopefully I can convince more people to do that with me this summer.

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