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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 376

Picking up where I left off....

Friday I obviously went to work. Since we had our co-worker in from Texas, we went out to lunch as a team with her. We ate at Guru's which I am always happy to go to since they have the best sweet potato fries (which I LOVE) and after we went to a place a few shops down called "Roll With It". It is an ice cream place, but the ice cream is thin and they roll it up and put it in a cup. It was pretty rad. It is hard to explain so I may have to blog about it. But it was a nice break from work if I say so myself.

Later after work.... Rachel and I went to see a movie. We went to see the new Guardian's of the Galaxy movie. That was pretty good. I am not a die hard fan, but I like them.

Saturday I was super excited for and already blogged about... but it was Lantern Fest day. I LOVE Lantern Fest. That is why this was my 3rd time going... not including the legit one that I went to in Thailand... where the Lantern Festival started. I went over to Heather's house so that she could do my hair and make up for the photo shoot that Kyle was going to do of me and the other at the Salt Flats before going to the Lantern Fest. We figured... since we are going to drive all the way out there, we might as well go to the Salt Flats too because the Salt Flats are legit. Then it was off the the Lantern Fest we went. We cut it a little shorter than I wanted to and I didn't like where we were sitting.... I would have rather been closer to the stage so that we could hear the music since that is part of what makes it so magical. It was also quite windy so you really had to watch around you to make sure a burning lantern didn't run into you. However... I still really loved it. So guess what? I will be going to the next one as well. Ok... that is a lie. The next one is in September when I am out of the country... so I will be going to the next one after that... next year. :)

Monday I was having a hard day... so after work, Kyle and I hiked up to Buffalo Peak and enjoyed nature and a beautiful sunset in our favorite spot. Just what we both needed.

Tuesday is $5 Tuesday at the movie's! So me and my boss, and Candice and her mom went to go see "Snatched" which I thought was hilarious. I love our little movie club. I also love cheap movies. I love that they do that.

Later on Tuesday night... Tyler made another appearance. He is a mystery. I never know when I am going to see him or hear from him again. Sometimes it is two weeks, sometimes it is 4 months. It is an odd thing we have going on... I just try not to think about it. Every time he leaves I just assume I will never see him again so that I don't get disappointed or attached. I do enjoy our friendship though... he just has issues and is a work-a-holic... and a father, so I just can't expect much from him. Weird... I know. Why keep a relationship like that in my life? I don't know.

Wednesday my visiting teachers came over. We talked for hours as we typically do and we got into my issues I had been having about self worth and were all crying in the end. I am really thankful for great visiting teachers. Lindsay has helped me so much. She is the best.

Guess that brings me to today... and today I have worked and gone home and done nothing else... so.... I guess we will end here. 

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