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Friday, May 26, 2017

Mr. Business Card

My co-worker, Candice, and I went to the post office to run an errand for our boss. We were at the table filling out some information to put in the package we were sending back for our boss. The table is in the line and faces all the stations to talk to the tellers. We are minding our own business talking to each other when this guy that just finished at one of the stations approaches me.

He gets my attention and then tells me that I look familiar and asked me if we knew each other. He doesn't look familiar to me AT ALL.. so I said no politely and told him he didn't look familiar to me. He didn't drop it. He starts asking me what ward I am in and where I work. I tell him knowing that it isn't going to help because I know for a fact that we have never met before. I continued to try and be polite although at this point I was starting to get a tad bit annoyed because I was with Candice and we were in the middle of a conversation. I told him that I get that a lot... that I look like someone that  someone knows, so maybe I just have a familiar face. Then he goes on and tells me that we are probably Facebook friends because he has a ton of Facebook friends... so he probably knows me from there. I don't know why he insists that we know each other, but I assure him that we are not Facebook friends. Meanwhile... Candice is just standing there watching this awkward conversation and the longer it went on the more awkward I was feeling.

He finally gives up and says... oh well. If you ever need a lawyer, give me a call... and hands me his business card. Mmmm.... ok? Random? Candice joked and said I probably will because I get in trouble a lot. Then he just looks at her and says... I'm not that kind of lawyer. Candice and I both just give each other a weird look and wait for him to leave.... which he finally did.

It was such an odd interaction that I didn't quite know what to make out of it. Candice thought he was trying to pick up on me. Odd way of doing it if that was the case... and I wasn't flattered.... he wasn't attractive at all. When we went back to work we told a few people what happened and some said he was just trying to promote his business. If that was true... that is an odd way of doing it.

I wasn't quite sure what to make out of it or could figure out what he was trying to accomplish... but it gave Candice and I a good laugh.

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