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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doll House

When I was a kid, we had this amazing doll house that my parents got at a ward service auction. We loved it and played with it for years. When we all lost interest in dolls, my parents offered the doll house to another family in our ward that had younger girls. Well.... now all of those girls have grown up and before that family gave it away to someone else, they offered it back to my parents first. My parents then offered it to my oldest sister who has two cute little daughters of her own that love to play with dolls. My parents brought the doll house to Utah from California and my sister decided it would be a great Christmas present this year for the girls. Before she could give it as a gift... it needed some work. Updated to 2009 if you will. Also the family that we had given it to decided to have fun with red paint and arrows and moons and added ugly curtains and so on. Seeing as I love projects... my sister asked me if I wanted to help update our old doll house. So on Friday, me, my sister, my mom and my dad made that doll house look like new!

Here is what it looked like before

We ripped out the old carpet and put in new, took off the old wall paper and added new wallpaper AND we repainted the whole house. I think it looks great. And it was great family bonding time too.

Here is what it looks like now

Now all it needs is a few little finishing touches with decorating and furniture and it is going to be a great gift for my nieces that they will LOVE. I can't wait to see them playing with it.


Katie H. said...

You guys are all so creative in your family. It must be in the genes!!

Desiree said...

The doll house is HUGE! I'm glad you took the picture with people in it so we could see how large it was. It looks awesome now! And what a fun story for your sister to tell her daughters that she played with the same house. So cute!

jamie hixon said...

That looks AWESOME.
I can't think of that dollhouse without thinking of Dusty. sigh.

PS No, I did not know you were coming to my house for Christmas!! That is awesome!!!! I'm so excited!

Whitty said...

Love it! That makes me want to be a kid again... :)

Shaun and Jessy Cheney said...

Cute doll house, I loved mine.

side note: You have a recipe for chocolate haupia pie!!!!! Please, do share, I have been craving one since the day we left hawaii!!!!

Lynette Mills said...

Glad you got the finished picture Tracy...I love the fact that it has been recycled for the next generation.

politicchic6 said...

ah nostalgia! It reminds me of my doll house. I will have to head to my parents attic and dust that thing off...

Nicole said...

SOOOOOO cute!! You are inspiring me to re-do the old dollhouse that my dad my for me and my sisters when I was little. You did a great job!