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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Room

This room needs a few more details... but I am posting it anyway. In our last place I did a black and white theme... but I decided to do different colors this time. Number 1 priority for me was getting couch covers. I was tired of the ugly plaid. I love brown. Anyone that knows me knows that. I wear a lot of brown, I love to decorate with brown.... so I got dark brown slip covers and then the rest of the room is pretty simple, but just covering the couches made a big difference. For this room I wanted to go for simple but classy. I love the big mirror, which was a $30 Ross find. I also love our roommate pictures that I blew up and put on box lids (that I spray painted black) and hung on the wall. It is a fun way to hang pictures without a frame that looks cool and adds texture to the wall.

A Couple of Homemade details that complete the room....

#1 - I wanted to add some color to the wall without painting. So I went to the craft store and bought some cute scrapbook paper and hot glued it to canvas and hung it on the wall above the TV. I thought it turned out cute.

#2 - I bought a few different purple fabrics and sewed pillow cases for the pillows. I did not want ANY plaid remaining in this room. I love how they turned out.

#3 - I also did a flower and candle center piece for the coffee table.... but it is not quite done yet, so I didn't get a close up picture (sorry). But you get the point. I am happy with how everything turned out.


Desiree said...

Still so impressed. When are you gonna come and help me with my decorating??? We all know I could use it. :)

Cheryl said...

Okay. Seriously. I think I'm waiting to see you on HGTV! Super cute and I love all of your simple yet way cute methods of pulling a room together.
I was down by your house the other day and wanted to stop by, but as I a)don't know exactly where your new place is and b)have seemed to lost your phone number couldn't come see you. I really do need your phone number again.