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Friday, November 20, 2009

In My Room

There's a place where I can go and tell my secrets to. In my room, In my room.

So maybe my last couple of posts have been inspired by songs. My brain is constantly thinking about music. Deal with it.

Really though. I was thinking, since my roommates and I recently moved, I would give a tour (by pictures) of our new place. A lot is the same. I mean... I wasn't about to go out and buy ALL new decorations. However, I did decide to do different colors in the living room. Stay tuned for that post. I thought I would start with my room, since that is one of the only rooms that is completely done. My room has a lot of the same decorations, but my new room is a lot smaller than my old one, so I had to switch things up. I have the basement to myself. Since the room is smaller, I decided to make the living room area of the basement the study/craft room (post soon to come). Thank you Lolly for helping me discover the fun and my love for decorating. She truly inspired me with her decorating skills. Speaking of Lolly, she is the one that got me the bamboo that I have in my room. I love it and I always receive so many compliments on it. So here are the pictures of my new room.

Things I adore about my room....

#1 The Chandelier

#2 IKEA mood lights

#3 My new Anthropology Duvet that I fell in love with at the store last Christmas

#4 Accessory Corner


Bethany and Shanam said...

So cute! Great job! It's always nice to have an oasis :)

THE LIZARD'S said...

awwwwwww, you are too nice to mention me.. you had all the skills in you already! Your room is so ROMANTIC! I like the duvet too and I love the chandelier!!!!!

Nicole said...

Your place looks awesome!!! Maybe I should hire you as my decorator!

Miss-tearious said...


Lol, I know I've told you before, but I still want it.