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Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is It

I went to see this movie last night with Tina and Allyson. I have always been an MJ fan, so when he died, I was sad. I'm pretty sure I own all of his CD's and know all of the songs by heart. I admit, he was weird. I didn't support every little thing he did. I am not sure what I believe when it comes to things he has done and not done, but as an artist, he was a genius in my book. When I heard they were putting out this movie, I decided right then and there that I wanted to see it. I am just glad that I had friends that wanted to see it with me. The movie was just clips of rehersals of the last tour that he was going to start in July in London, but died before the tour started. It is a shame too... they put so much practice and work into the show. It was going to be an amazing show. I am glad they filmed clips of it and turned it into a movie. The sets were awesome, he filmed some short films in 3D to be shown as introduction into some of his songs... it was all very cool to watch and it was hard for me not to sing a long in the theater. It was also fun to see him work. He is so personable and friendly. Everyone that knows him loves him.
I was also impressed to see how detailed he is about everything. He knows his music and how it should sound. He has written the majority of his songs, composed a lot of the music, choreographed his dances and he even does a lot of the sound effects for beats and backup on his tracks. He knows every sound and beat and move to every single one of his songs. To be able to think of the detail that goes into ALL of that would only be in the mind of a genius. I think what comes along with being a genius is also being weird. He really did inspire so many artists and took music to another level. I will always appreciate his talent that he shared with the world. Rest in peace MJ.

One of my favorite parts of his show was "The Way you Make me Feel". Not only do I love that song, but I love how he slowed it down and had all the dancers staged. Watch this...

Also liked the begining of "Smooth Criminal". The dancing is awesome. Pretty sure I could watch it all day.


jamie hixon said...

I agree, he is a genius. Can't wait to see the movie. I'm sad I never had the chance to go to an MJ concert.

Lynette Mills said...

He seems so young...but also so amazingly gifted. I think I would like to see it too.

Nicole said...


Holly said...

i saw this on saturday night and loved it! in addition to being incredibly skilled, he was a class act and a total professional.

best line: "let it simmer/sizzle." i plan to use this often.