A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy & Fabulous. - Coco Chanel


Monday, November 30, 2009


Sometimes when I go over to my sisters house, my niece, Sierra compliments me on something I am wearing... a shirt, my shoes or a dress. Although she is only 4, this makes me feel good. I mean... kids are nothing but honest right? I try and do the same back to my nieces. My sister informed me that Sierra is very picky about clothes and shoes when they go out shopping... she has been since she could talk. I guess some kids care about fashion more than others. I think it is adorable. One time I complimented Sierra on her cute new shoes or something. Reanne (6 years old) turns to me and says "I know they are cute huh? Sierra is so fashionable AND popular". I thought it was so cute. My nieces are adorable and they make me laugh.


jamie hixon said...

That is the best quote... and the best picture! Ha!

Lynette Mills said...

Cute cute CUTE

Holly said...

CUTE pic. She looks like Fancy Nancy.