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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ace of Cakes

When you are in charge of Family Home Evening.... Monday's seem to come so quickly. That is how I feel anyway. On Sunday I talked to another group leader (Randi) to see if we could join with her group just to switch things up a bit. She agreed and said they would take care of the lesson. So I told her we would take care of the activity. Ha ha... great, that is the hard part of FHE! Every week the FHE co-chairs send out an email of which talk in the Ensign you need to do your lesson on. But the activity... that is all you. So after thinking about it for a while, I decided to copy an idea from my Mom. My Mom was the activities chair in my homeward and did an Ace of Cakes, Scripture style as a ward activity. After seeing all the pictures.... I thought that would be such a fun activity. So this is exactly what I planned. Thanks Mom for the idea! Also... I love those cake decorating shows on TV, like "Cake Boss"! It would be so cool to be able to make cakes like that! Since we only had an hour to make it at the activity instead of making it at home and then bringing it to the activity like my Mom's they didn't turn out as amazing.... but I was still impressed. Thankfully we have Karen in our group who sometimes makes wedding cakes and such and has all sorts of tools we could use. Everyone had fun and it was so fun to join with another group!
Activity being a success = Tracy is happy. Here's what the 3 groups came up with.

The Golden Plates

Tower of Babel (In the pan is the state of Utah)

Moses Parting the Red Sea (my group)P.S. We realize that our Moses is largely out of scale. And the yellow things in the water are fish... and Pharaoh is behind Moses, on the other side is a Pyramid. I swear you could tell more in person.... or maybe I just can because we made it. ha ha Oh, and we are making M signs for Moses.


flux biota. said...

m for moses. and here I thought you guys were in a gang.

Desiree' said...

haha! I LOVE those ideas. Chuck and I need to try that sometime! :) The cakes turned out cute, well, except for the tower of babel. It looks kinda gross. :) Good job with the activity. That would be hard coming up with something every week. Wow! I'm impressed.

Lynette Mills said...

I'm so happy you used the idea.

BRIAN said...

wow.. modern meets biblical..very clever Mrs. Mills!

whitty said...

What an award-winning cake :) Poor Mo' was having a rough day!

rachel v. said...

I loved the idea when your mom did it and I love it when you do it. Excellent. Such cute cakes.

Shawntel said...

This looks like such a fun activity! They all turned out great!