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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr Macho/ Mr Creeper

Sometime during this month, I decided to make a goal to blog everyday. Has anyone noticed? Except I made this goal later and I missed March 1st. So I just post dated a Bruschetta recipe for that day if anyone is interested in it.
I made this goal #1, to see if I could do it. #2, this is my journal and I am trying to be better about writing (about anything and everything) #3, to see if people would get bored with me... or if I would get more readers because of it (not sure which one is happening yet). I also posted that poll to see what people like most about this blog... you know, so I could post more of what people enjoy. I guess you guys love the guy stories.... so I thought I would pull out an old one for your enjoyment. I actually blogged about this one before, but it was my second post ever on my blog. Back when only 3 people read my blog, so it is worth telling again. Sorry for those of you who have heard this one before.

About 3 years ago, I sort of dated this guy. I only say sort of because I was under the impression that we were dating, but later found out that to him I was just a friend with benefits. Jerk. Anyway... this guy had kind of an obsession with weapons. I thought it was a little over the top.... but he is a guy, so I thought it was not that unusual. We were both night owls, we talked every night on the phone and later he moved down the sidewalk from me, so he would invite me over to watch movies with him at his place. We would always cuddle as we watched the movies. One particular night when we were snuggled up watching a movie.......
Mr Macho: " Hey, did I tell you what I bought today?"
Me: "No, what did you buy?"
Mr Macho: "It's really awesome..."
*I'm waiting to hear what it is that he bought. He doesn't say anything, he just reaches over me and pulls something off of the floor..... all of the sudden, there is a big sharp knife between our faces as we still cuddle*
Me: "Umm, wow, a knife!" (starting to feel very uncomfortable)
Mr Macho: "Ya, isn't it awesome?" (he says this as he feels the blade that is still very close to my face)
Me: "Yes, very awesome.... but... it would be more awesome if it were not so close to my face. You think we could put it away now?"
Mr Macho: "Oh ya, uh.... sorry..." (he then puts the knife away)

Seriously? Who pulls a knife in someones face while you are snuggled up watching a movie together? Way to kill the moment! It was so weird/creepy. I was really only about 90% sure that he wouldn't hurt me. It freaked me out a little bit.

Back when I worked at Apx, I told one of my co-workers this story. He thought it was pretty funny. He ended up making this little comic strip and putting it up for everyone in the office to see.

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Cheryl said...

Umm...I'm pretty sure I was one of those original 3 readers And I'm pretty sure that we read that story straight from "the book" on our first trip to Vegas together. BUT it still cracks me up. What a weird guy

politicchic6 said...

Yikes. The sad part is, I think I know this guy! Alan used to home teach a guy who would fondle his gun all through their Home Teaching discussions. Alan found it weird. I felt sorry for the dude's wife.

Todd and Christianne said...

I love your daily posts! I'm always amazed that you keep up your blog so well.

rachel v. said...

I've noticed that you blog daily and I love it!
And I love the story and its adaptation into a comic, hilarious :)

Nicole said...

Sadly, I pretty much know EXACTLY how you feel...minus the knife!

Lynette Mills said...

It's a good thing I wasn't there... I would have clobbered him.

Desiree said...

Oh Mr Macho who needs to come equipped with a "Warning" sign. Yeah, he is a weird one. Don't worry. After we cuddled he pulled out a loaded gun from his coat.
What is with the obsession? sick/scary/creepy. I still think it's funny we both dated him (at different times of course). Glad those days are over. ew!
The comic was funny AND I think it's great you blog everyday.