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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Back in January, my ward started an FHE competition which I explained a little about here. I have to say that my group was never into getting points. We don't have a lot of people that come in our group, plus all but two of the guys in our group are dating someone or engaged, and one of the guys that comes is over 31 so he is technically not in the ward therefore doesn't count as a member of our group (so we can't date each other for points). Luckily nobody in my group cares if we win because we we would rather have a yummy treat than a trophy anyway. Plus we have fun without counting points. I do however like the monthly competitions. The ice cream sculptures we got 2nd place and the awkward photo contest we won. Even if we win... that only contributes to our points, doesn't make us the winning group. Oh well. We may lack in numbers and guys in our group BUT we do NOT lack in creativity!
Anyway... my visiting teacher and I were discussing how our groups felt about the competition when the idea came up to steal the trophy. What fun would it be to have a big trophy going from group to group if nobody was going to steal it? Not only did we think it was a good idea, but both our groups thought it was an awesome idea, plus people from other groups liked the idea as well. So... we made a plan and made it happen. Many were involved which made it that much better. People from every FHE group were there including one of the FHE co-chairs that had no idea what we were doing. Even people from their own group. We knew where the trophy was, but how do we create a big enough distraction that we could walk out their door with a huge trophy in our hands?
We threw them an "Un-Birthday Party" in honor of "Alice In Wonderland" coming out... which these girls all went to the midnight showing that I went to. We brought a cake, we sang and gathered in the kitchen... turned off the lights in the living room (where the trophy was) and had a party.
During the commotion, I took the trophy and replaced it with another trophy that someone else bought.... and this note and I quietly went out the front door with the big trophy. Not even the people that knew I was going to take the trophy noticed I had left. I was that good. :o) I ran home, put the trophy there, ran back to the party and when I came back in told everyone that I had to step out to take a phone call.
After the party, we took the trophy from my house to someone else's house, where we held it hostage! We set up an email account on gmail so we could send out a few of these pictures so they could see the trophy. The email was sent from "westolethetrophy@gmail.com" so they didn't know who took it. After that, we took the trophy to someone else's house, someone who was not even at the party.... so they have NO idea where to find it. So many people were involved in this. That is the only way I think it could have happened. To all of these people I am grateful, because this was fun and really has brought our ward together more than the competition did itself. Good times. Now that we have had our fun... we should probably give it back or something. You think a week is long enough to keep it?


Lynette Mills said...

I loved reading this even though I knew all about it. Ha ha

rachel v. said...

that is such a good idea! I think it creates more "team spirit" :) and I love the hostage photos
...do they read your blog? What if they find out where it is?

jamie hixon said...

Sidney Bristow, eat your heart out.
Tracy, you are awesome and you make me smile.

politicchic6 said...

yeah, I have never been a fan of those types of competitions. in my mission they tried to have one for contacts and lessons taught... I was like, um, shouldn't we be making contacts and teaching discussions because we actually believe in missionary work?

T-Ray said...

They might read my blog sometimes... I thought of that when I posted this. But.... I don't know. We will see how it pans out. Either way, they don't know where it is now. :o)

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Desiree said...

You are SO naughty and I LOVE it! haha!