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Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcoming Spring!

This was my 4th year attending the Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah. (If you would like to see my posts of the previous 2 years at this event, click on the label below this post).
Every year it gets more and more crowded because it is such a fun event. This was the first year that they had two different celebrations during the day so more people could join in. In India, they celebrate the Festival of Colors to welcome Spring. Why do they invite a bunch of people that don't share their belief's? Because they are all about love and friendship, and this is their way of reaching out and making friends. In fact, before the colors are thrown they have each of us find someone we don't know and hug them. Ha ha. It still gets pretty crazy though. P.S. I usually try not to overwhelm you with pictures... but there were so many fun ones, I had a hard time choosing. Although pictures are awesome, people that are not there have no idea what it is like to be in the middle of throwing the colors. So here is a video of what it is like when you are there.

Then, after that.... you look like this...
But the cool part is seeing how everyone's faces's look. They all turn out so different. Each face is a different art masterpiece!

Here are some pictures of the group that I went with. We had a blast!


jamie hixon said...

That looks super fun... but I was surprised by the video. The guy sounded like a born-again Christian pastor. And there was rock music playing. And people threw their colors early.

Lynette Mills said...

Thanks for posting the video Tracy. Because I don't think I will ever go, it was nice to see how they do it. You really got some good footage. CRAZY!!

THE LIZARD'S said...

Doesnt that hurt and get into your eyes? You should wear goggles. are you ever hit too hard with the stuff and how can you breathe? I think this is cool but a little scary at the same time. ha.ha

Cheryl said...

Video...you got a video to work! Did you have to upload it to YouTube then import it in???

T-Ray said...

This is not my video... one I found on youtube. I was in the color cloud! :o)