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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cave Creek

Today we spent the day in Cave Creek, where my grandparents live. We first went to my Grandma's house to hang out for a while. Then, we went out to lunch (my Grandma's favorite thing to do with her family) to Mimi's Cafe. You will see in the picture below, Asher decided to climb up into the window and almost fell asleep gazing out. He is a funny kid. It has been so fun this weekend to see all the different personalities of my nephews. They are all such different characters and really make me laugh. After we had a yummy lunch, we went to visit my grandpa in the care home he is living at. Funny that in October, it was the first time I saw my grandparents in 3 or 4 years and now I have visited them 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months. It has been great. Every time I go and see my Grandpa, it has been easier for me to see him in the condition he is in. I no longer cry when I see him and can just be happy and give him kisses on the head and rub his back. I love that even though he can't talk... he lets you know he is okay by winking at you. We sang to him for a while and I was so impressed that he mouthed the words to a lot of the children's songs and would tap his feet too. It was cute. After an hour or so... it was time to head home. I went for a walk in this perfect weather to try and get some cool pictures. I am just loving the sun... and being able to wear flip flops and shorts and short sleeve shirts... I heard it snowed today in Utah. Not looking forward to going back to that.
Only one more day with the family.... going by too fast. Wish I could somehow slow it down.


Nicole said...

Seriously adorable kids!

jamie hixon said...

Sweet post. Next time come here for longer.
Also, Arizona is almost like India. Maybe we can pretend.

T-Ray said...

Ha ha ha.. Pretend Arizona is like India? mmm, how will we do that? I still expect an elephant ride you know...