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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Years!

Today is my blog's birthday! It's 2 years old. To celebrate, I made cookies. Oatmeal cookies to be exact. I had never made oatmeal cookies... mostly because I don't buy oatmeal because I think eating oatmeal is gross. But using the oats in cookies or granola is okay by me.

I have really loved having a blog. It helps me share my feelings, and accomplishments and be positive about my life. It has been an awesome journal and I have just loved having it more and more. I also love looking at all the other blogs out there... many inspire me to learn more and develop new talents, or some just make me laugh and brighten my day. Some have helped me get to know people even more than I thought I did. I just love blogs.

Side note. I love the comments people leave me on my blog. It might seem silly... but I guess I am a person that needs a lot of love and encouragement and support. When I see people's comments, it makes me happy that people are reading and they care and like my blog. Not trying to guilt people into leaving me comments, BUT I do love reading them. So don't be shy. Even if I don't know you that well, or don't know you at all... I welcome all comments. And it is nice to see who is reading my blog. :o)

Last year I named off 50 things that I did that past year and said I was going to make it a tradition. I was trying to decide if I want to do that again. Especially since not everything about this past year was so great for me, and 50 is a lot of things to list. I will do a list, but I think I will make it shorter. Here we go...
This past year I....
1- Went to the Festival of Colors for the 3rd year in a row
2- Went to Colorado for the first time
3- Performed a solo in "Woman at the Well"
4- Did the HCG diet again loosing a total of 35 lbs.
5- Went to the Art Ball at the Springville Art Museum
6- Spent a long weekend in Santa Barbara with my family, also went to i Modonnari
7- Went Camping in Utah a few times
8- Did many crafts
9- Went Geocashing
10- Re-watched all the Harry Potters and then went to see the newest Harry Potter in the theater.
11- Went tubing down Provo River
12- Spent a weekend in Vegas (Saw friends Lolly & Brian Christensen and saw Broadway show "Lion King" for the first time)
13- Hiked to Stewart Falls
14- Went Fishing
15- Ward Camp Out
16- Went to Antelope Island
17- Took a Photography Class
18- Went to the fair
19- Had a Santa Barbara Reunion
20- Went to Brad's wedding and got to spend time with my best guy friends
21- Spent a weekend in Arizona, got to see Jamie's play & visit my Grandparents
22- Moved across the street
23- Saw a couple of plays
24- Spent Thanksgiving with my family here in Utah
25- Went to my cousin Lauren's wedding
26- Spent a weekend with my friend Nicole Taylor in Ogden
27- Went on the Polar Express in Heber
28- Went home to Santa Barbara, spent the weekend with my good friend Kirsten and my family
29- Sang at Disneyland (Candlelight) for my 13th year in a row
30- I bought a tv
31- I bought my Mac laptop (after talking about it for YEARS)
32- Went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo in SLC
33- Spent Christmas in Arizona with my sister Jamie, her family and my parents.
34- Met my newest niece, Gwen, for the first time (born November)
35- I was released from Activities Council and Ward Employment Specialist and became an FHE Mom.
36- Went to a Masquerade
37- Went tubing at Soldier Hallow for work
38- Celebrated 1 year working for Novell
39- Took another trip with Cheryl to visit Lolly in Vegas
40- Had a Sister (and mom) trip to Arizona!

Okay, so only ten less than last year. Although I did plenty this year, I am hoping that next year's post will be even more exciting. I certainly learned a lot this last year and although it was not always easy or pleasant, I am extremely grateful for the loving, supportive and wonderful people in my life.
Happy Birthday Blog! Thanks for being there for me everyday!

* I would put the recipe for these cookies on this blog, but it was just the recipe on the back of the oatmeal box. They were just okay anyway.


THE LIZARD'S said...

HEY TRAY.. WOW...two whole years already??? I am glad you started it and that its not only fun for your friends/fam, like me to see what you are up to often but that it is theraputic for you. I think you did ALOT this past year and I think you forgot your floral class which I LOVED seeing all those things you made. So beautiful. And the 35lbs. is a huge accomplishment. You did more too but I liked reading what you listed! (ie. scrapbooking, decorating your house up).

Lynette Mills said...

Happy Anniversary to Tracy's blog. I look forward to reading what's new, and now I can look forward to something being new everyday!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

That's a pretty dang good list! I'm happy to have made it, even though I'm so far away :) I love ya and LOVE to be able to keep up with what's going on via this incredible blog...so here's to 2 fun years of blogging!!

rachel v. said...

awesome list! Your life sure sounds exciting to me:) happy birthday blog!

jamie hixon said...

I can't believe you have already been working at Novell for a year. Time flies. I love you blog, and I love you. You are an awesome person and I want you to live in Arizona.
Your list is way cooler than what mine would be if I made one. I wont, because it would be like 10 things. Ten cool important things, but still.

Desiree said...

Happy two years!!! Great list! Sorry the past year wasn't all fun. Here's to a new year and new experiences!!! :)

politicchic6 said...

Happy blogversery. I enjoy reading some of my old posts on my blog because they are so ridiculous.