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Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Last night my oldest sister Kristy and I (and her youngest, Grant) flew to Arizona to my sister Jamie's house. My mom and sister Lori drove from Santa Barbara to meet us there so that we could spend a weekend with the girls (and some of the kids). All of us sisters have not been together since last May when we were all together in Santa Barbara. We love to spend time together and it doesn't happen enough... so we are excited for the weekend. Today we mostly spent time just catching up and playing with the kids... but my mom stayed home with her grandsons and us sister's went out to lunch to this nice authentic French restaurant. We all ordered something different and shared. It was all SO GOOD. For dessert we got crepes with Nuetella and Banana's. Little piece of Heaven if you ask me. Then we did a little window shopping and hung out at home the rest of the day. The weather is so PERFECT here right now. It is just like Santa Barbara weather which I have really been missing since Utah is still very cold. It was the first time in months that I have been able to wear short sleeves and flip flops. It felt SO great. I have missed the sun. Hooray for Arizona and spending time with the family. I already know this weekend is going to go by too fast, but I am so happy to be here.

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jamie hixon said...

I am having a ton of fun, and the weekend is going by too fast already. ;(