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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo of the Week 1

I love the blogging world. I love keeping in touch with my friends and seeing what they are up to via blog. I also love all the creative blogs out there (crafts, cooking, photography) because they inspire me to continue learning and try new things. I don't want to seem like I am copying... but my friend does a photo of the week (and I wrote on her blog that I might copy her) and I thought it was a great idea and I want to start doing it. I have another friend that her blog is dedicated to her photography and that is it. I bought a nice camera, took a photography class and have many good pictures. So why not share? When I run out of pictures that I already have it will only encourage me to go out there and take more. So here we go.
My first "Photo of the Week" is one I took while I was in New York. I actually had this on facebook along with many other photo's asking which one I should blow up and hang in my office. This got the most votes... so I am working on it (hanging it in my office).

*Side Note* I have started my first poll on this blog to see what people like best about my blog. Please vote! :o)


flux biota. said...

you should turn that into a postcard. its a damn classy image. you should set up a flickr account and attatch it to your blog!

Bre Ahrens said...

so I would vote, however, you don't have my answer as an option. I have to say that I like everything. I love that it's diverse. I love hilarious and/or juicy guy stories, but I also love the recipes (I even try them, and i can't say that about other recipe blogs. I think it's cuz I know you'll only post the best of the best so I know I"m not wasting my time on a mediocre meal.) but I always enjoy photos and random thoughts too. So yeah, long story short, you have a well balanced blog. (Unlike mine which has turned into a baby/prego blog. bleh.)

jamie hixon said...

I love it! When we were in NY we could NOT get a good picture of the Statue of Liberty. We took the ferry and everything, just couldn't get a good one.

Holly said...

I love that your blog does not include stories about what new words your child can say, five minute long videos of them staring at the camera while you try to get them to say that word, or how you are so tired because you are pregnant. Not that those things are bad and not that I want you to stay single forever . . . but it makes your blog way more interesting this way.

Lynette Mills said...

You know that I love that picture already :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

This was one of my favorites...or it is now :)
You totally have a photographer's eye! Doesn't hurt to have an incredible camera, though, huh!?

T-Ray said...

This one was actually just taken with my OLD Cannon Powershot... so it doesn't always take a fancy camera... maybe a little photoshop though. :o)

Kel said...

love the idea Trace!
look forward to seeing your weekly pics..

THE LIZARD'S said...

i like your title of your blog.. brunette on the internet.. thanks to your fancy nail polish and jamie for giving it to you! Plus, I like the hat collection/new boots/fashion divinista plus the recipes parts of your blog.. oh but I LOVE the dialogue parts because they are so funny..ie:
Me: oh, un that is really weird.
Awkward guy#1: You think a pet rock collection is weird. wanna hear about my ex gfriend and her reason for not wanting to marry me?
me:uhhh.. no. (scooting away).
Awkward guy#2: Do you like to ski in shorts?
Me: Why would I do that? Nevermind. Dont answer. Drop me off here pls. (I get out of the car and run).