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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 18

When there is down time at work... there are a lot of craft/photography/cooking blogs that I look at. I love it because I am inspired everyday and motivated to continue to create new things. There was a post on one of the blogs that was not anything of what their blog was normally about. It was "How to Increase Traffic to your Website/ blog". Now a business website, I totally understand why you would want to increase traffic. Your blog? Why would you care? The only people that I care that read my blog are my family and friends. If there are people that I don't know that want to read my blog as well... that's cool. I don't care, but that is not my goal, to get a bunch of strangers to read my blog so I can feel awesome. The funny thing is, I was reading what you need to do to increase traffic to your blog.... and I have done and continue to do a lot of them. I just didn't realize by me doing these things, that it increases traffic to my blog. Does that make me a natural blogger? There is a new guy in my ward, we got into the discussion of blogs. I told him I write one about my personal life. He told me he writes one about his business. He told me he wanted to look mine up. I said, just google "Life of Tracy" and it should be the top of the list. He looks really impressed.... and I am not sure why. He tells me I must have a popular blog that is searched a lot if it comes up at the top. I never really thought about it. Later when he was at my house, he showed me how search engines work and what it picks up on in your blog and so on and so forth. It was very interesting. All stuff I never thought about.... I just blog away because it is my journal. I have to admit, it is cool to find out that so many other people like what you have to say... it makes you feel awesome. I just wasn't trying to do that when I started blogging.

I have some pretty awesome people in my ward. Especially the girls. I feel like I could throw any of my crazy ideas out there, and they not only will do it, but they also think its awesome! I LOVE IT! So we have a lot of fun.... which also means we stay up too late. Example of what I am talking about... I had this idea of something I wanted to do for the variety show tomorrow. 5 other people jumped right on board with me! I would tell you what we are doing.... but I don't want to spoil my future blog post. I think it's funny though.

So the last couple weeks at tutoring there have been some new people there. One of these new guys was there this last Tuesday. Really friendly and kind of cute. He asked us our names and we asked him what ward he is in (because our stake volunteers) and he said he comes for his job. Then he asked us if it was our calling. We said nope... we just come and volunteer for service and have come every week since January because we love it. He was SO impressed. I don't feel like it should be so impressive that we want to serve these kids. Hope we do see more of this guy though.... since there is not a lot of consistency with adults when we go tutor. It would be nice to get to know more people, not just meet them once and never see them again. Another guy came last week. He was in charge of the whole program. He started asking Sara and I a bunch of questions (because he didn't know us, because its not our calling nor do we work there, therefore he had not worked with us and didn't know us). He asked our first and last names and who are bishop was. I was just answering all of his questions not even thinking of what he was getting at. Ha ha, Sara caught on right away and stayed out of the conversation. He was trying to get all of our info and call our Bishop and make it our new calling. It's not that I would hate this as a calling... but I like the calling I have, PLUS I feel like it would take the service out of it for me. I would be going because it was my calling and I felt obligated and not because I wanted to go for the kids. Sara agreed, so we hope that we don't get it as our calling. Also, WE GO every week. We are part of the VERY few that go because we want to and are consistent. So, I don't know... but wouldn't you want to call someone that doesn't go, but could go and really benefit from it? Just a thought. We always invite people to come with us.... but nobody really seems interested. Sad. If only they got to know the kids. They are awesome.

Anyone noticed all the changes in blogspot lately? At first I hated it. But it is growing on me. Adding pictures is a lot easier now for starters.

They say that it takes 2 weeks to get out of shape and it takes 4 weeks to get back into shape. Lets just say... I'm REALLY out of shape. I started running outside again this week. How do I feel right now? OUCH! I'm so sore, I just hurt.
*Note to self- NEVER STOP EXERCISING ...EVER!!!!!*


jamie hixon said...

That is cool about your blog. I get a lof of random traffic on my blog too. I think people want blog traffic so that they can get sponsored and therefore get paid to blog. Heck, I wouldn't mind putting some ads on the side of my page for 50$ a month or more!

You are awesome for the tutoring thing. I hope you see more of Cute Guy. And you are right about making it your calling, it wouldn't feel like a service anymore. Actually, I didn't even know that what you are doing there could BE a calling. (sigh. Utah.)

Oh yeah! Also, good for you for running. I'm so glad I belong to a gym. I didn't think it was necessary before I had two kinds. But now I do.
Kinda sad that it only takes 2 weeks to get out of shape.

jamie hixon said...

CORRECTION- That is supposed to say "two KIDS" down there, not "two kinds."

Tina said...

Oh my dear, dear sweet roommate. I am now catching up on this wonderful blog of yours. How I love and admire your imagination & talent. You amaze me.
Also, staying up late--you Black Stallion you!! ;)

Can't wait for the talent show mannana.

Tina said...

Oops...I spelled manana wrong...silly me.

Vivian said...

you should start looking at the traffic on your blog with google analytics. it is really interesting.

T-Ray said...

Thanks Vivian! I am going to check that out!

Kayleigh said...

Just make sure you run with a partner, or keep your cell phone with you - or both!

Kayleigh said...

Also - If it takes 4 weeks to get back in shape, I must take longer because it's been 4 weeks and I'm still sore from the gym! :]

Lynette Mills said...

I've only been gone a week... but how I missed reading your blog! Glad to be home.

William said...

Way to get back into jogging!! Keep it up, the pain goes away :) It's a good pain though. I like feeling sore because i know i did something good!
Love you- Lori