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Friday, June 11, 2010

Decorating T-Shirts

So, there might be a concert coming up that me and a bunch of girls in the ward are going to. We decided we wanted to be hardcore/ silly and design shirts to wear to this particular concert. We did this tonight.

$4 black shirt at WalMart + bling letters = AWESOME shirt. I really love it. Who knows... maybe this will be just the beginning of my days of decorating shirts? Probably not. But it is kind of a fun craft to do with a bunch of friends while listening to boy band songs. We might have done that. I'm just sayin... Maybe...

I did the iron on letters, but some of the other girls did glitter paint. When all the shirts are done and being worn AT the concert.... more pictures will be taken so you can see the finished product.

P.S. This was the conversation that I had with the guy at the register at WalMart when buying this stuff.

WalMart Guy: "You have a project you working on here?"
Me: "Yep"
WalMart Guy: "You know, if you enjoy decorating shirts... you could try purses next. We have a lot of stuff you could experiment with."
Me: " Umm, ya... that sounds neat and all, but really, a bunch of girlfriends and I are just being silly and making shirts for a concert is all. This is not a new hobby of mine. Sorry".

Really? Do I look 12? I'm pretty sure those are the only girls that would make this a regular craft. I could be wrong though. Sorry if I offended anyone that designs all of their shirts from bling letters at WalMart.


Kayleigh said...

Tracy, don't you know it's bad concert etiquette to wear the shirt of the band you're actually going to see to their concert?! Lol

jamie hixon said...

The Backstreet Boys??? Really???

Desiree said...

awesome. Projects like that are totally fun to play up and get into.