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Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Get Away... Part 1

Yesterday I got up early after staying up way too late at the Backstreet Boys Concert and Ash took me to the airport. Thanks Ash!

I am in Arizona for a long weekend visiting my sister Jamie. Day 1 (yesterday) was awesome. Right after Jamie came to pick me up from the airport, we went to Cave Creek to go visit my Grandma Mills. It is always fun to see my Grandma and spend time with her. I love how often I have been able to see her this last year. Such a treat. She & my sister think that I should move here. I am not totally opposed to the idea. After playing at Grandma's house and having some snacks......

(This is what my Grandma's fridge looks like when she knows visitors are coming)

we then went out to lunch to Mimi's. it was a nice morning/ afternoon. Perfect way to start my trip.

Then we came back, to the house, hung out (were super tired) and we went to the store to pick up some stuff, came back and we made crepes (Jeanna would be SO proud of me) and my good friend, Rashae (my Cruise BF for life) that now lives in AZ that I had not seen in a year came over! It was SOOOO good to see her and catch up! LOVE that girl. 

Great first day of my long weekend get away trip to AZ!!! More fun to come!


Dallas and Kirsten said...

So much fun! And Rashae looks AMAZING!! Give her a big hug for me :)

Jeanna said...

TRACY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! Your Crepe looks amazing! I love the chocolate syrup (if only we had some here the other night) it definitely looks like you have mastered the art.

Karen Ella said...

What?!? You got to see Rashae?!?!!?!? Not fair.

jamie hixon said...

That was a fun day. I should wear make up when you are around.
Those crepes were delish- and now I know I can do them all by myself. Yay!

William said...

Wish i was there with you guys! And i need to try my hand at crepes! love you- Lori