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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. Jedi Knight

This weekend, Lorelie and I decided to go to a YSA Conference. It is like Youth Conference - The College Years. I actually didn't even know that they continued those conferences after High School. Friday we didn't go to the activity because we had our Relief Society Sleepover which I spent the night singing my heart out to karaoke, but we spent all day today at this conference. Now that I have experienced my first YSA Conference, I can tell you that it is JUST like Youth Conference. In fact, there were times that I thought we showed up to the wrong conference.... I am pretty sure we were some of the oldest people there. Everyone looked like they were still in High School. Probably because they just graduated from High School. It was pretty amusing... but some of the workshops were pretty good and the lunch wasn't bad either.

We had decided that we were going to be really outgoing at this conference and meet new people. So at lunch, there were some people that came and sat next to us and we decided to be friendly and make new friends. Even if there was enough years between us that we could have babysit them as kids. So this guy comes and sits next to me. We get into the topic of names because we were all introducing ourselves to each other. This guy next to me (Mr. Jedi Knight) says you should give your kid the middle name of Danger, because that would be awesome. Anyway, we get into a lot of other random topics. I soon notice that everyone else had left and its pretty much just us talking. I think because of this, the topics got more strange.

Mr. Jedi Knight: "Are you a Sci-Fi Nerd?"
Me: "Um... I don't think so, but I do enjoy Sci-Fi".
Mr. Jedi Knight: "I am. I have a Jedi Braid. See?" * He shows me his braid, which I clearly missed because he was sitting right next to me and it was on the other side of his head- Weird*
Me: "Oh wow, your not kidding. You really have a Jedi braid".  *I'm kinda speechless at this point*
Mr. Jedi Knight: "Yep, I sure do. It's totally real. Pull it, you will see."
Me: "Um, its okay. I totally believe you that its real." (picture below, look on right side)

It goes from this conversation to him telling me that girls that wear their hair in ponytails are hot, because it shows off their face and neck. So a girl with a pretty face like me should wear my hair in a ponytail and if I have ugly friends, I should tell them to wear their hair down... so it covers more of their face.
Wow, thanks buddy! Should I be taking notes here? I actually have heard that guys dig the ponytail before.... which I don't know if I totally understand, but whatever. He also told me I look like Julia Roberts. SO far off on that one.

As conversation goes on, the age question comes up... as I knew it would. It was only a matter of time with the conversation we were having, he was going to figure out that I had a lot of years on him because of my answers to questions about school, work, traveling and all of my family being married and I am not the youngest. I could tell every time I answered one of these questions that he would be trying to do the math in his head. So I finally just said it...

Me: "I'm probably a lot older than you think I am"
Mr. Jedi Knight: "I don't know, probably not"
Me: "Really? How old do you think I am"
Mr. Jedi Knight: "23?"
Me: *laughing* "Nope, try again"
Mr. Jedi Knight: *Confident that he would get it right this time* "25".
Me: "Closer, but your are still not guessing high enough"
Mr. Jedi Knight: "27?"
Me: "Yep, you guessed it."
Mr. Jedi Knight: " Well, that's cool. What is our status anyway?"
Me: "Status? What do you mean? I just met you. I guess we have talked long enough that we could maybe be facebook friends?"
Mr. Jedi Knight: "Ya, okay. Would you consider going out with me? I don't know if I am asking you out. Well, yes i am. Will you go out with me sometime?"

AH! Answer me this... why is it that since I have been single again, I pretty much only attract guys that are between the ages of 20-21. I'm being serious. This is the 3rd guy that has asked me out in this age range. I'm not saying that age is a deal breaker and should be a big deal, but at this stage of life... I think it is. 6 & 7 years difference is kind of big.... all 3 guys knew how much older I am than them and still asked me out.  Can anyone please explain this to me?
Here are the conclusions I have come up with:
#1- I look a lot younger than I am, so easy mistake.
#2- I am a lot more immature than I think I am, so I attract them.
#3- The guys that are now just becoming adults want a sugar mama.
#4- It is an ego booster for them, they can brag to their friends that they could get an older woman to go out with them.

That is all I have been able to come up with. Anyone else have a better idea? Anyway... I kind of avoided answering him. I continued to run into him the rest of the day. That night we went back to watch Comedy Sports. Out of the hundreds of people that were there, he sat right in front of Lorelie and I. Then we were going to leave right after that before the dance started... but then we ran into some people we knew and ended up talking and dancing a little (it had been years since we attended a church dance, so it was pretty entertaining).  First slow song that comes on, Mr. Jedi Knight comes and finds me and asks me to dance. He then got my phone number (which I was hoping wouldn't happen) and we left. I wish he could have settled for being facebook friends. I wish I had someone else's number memorized... or better yet, I wish I had the rejection hot line number memorized. I guess I should be more prepared for when the 20 year olds ask me out.

The End.

P.S. This picture pretty much sums up the dance.


Abby Wright said...

Loved that he offered for you to pull on this tail! WEIRD! Ya my husband loves hair up, must just be a guy thing. My husband is also 4 years younger then me but I love the young ones they have more energy. As for crazies asking you out...You have to associate with a lot of weirdo's before the right guy finds you. And don't think you ever have to love the weiro's cause thats all that seems like is out there. Trust me the husband to be won't have a tail and wont start a conversation with "you want to see my x-men colection" Good luck! you should look through my facebook guy friends and tell me who you think is handsom and i will set you up.

Andrea said...

oh tracy. i'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry.
i feel your pain. maybe not quite to the point of the jedi. . . but i feel your pain.

jamie hixon said...

You guys are so awesome.
Love Mr. Jedi Knight. I mean, he makes for a good story. A REAL braid, huh? I still have Logan's FAKE braid.
I think they dig you because you have a young energy. And that is not a bad thing. I also think you look like you could be 23.

Lynette Mills said...

If only we had a crystal ball... then we would know exactly when that right guy is coming!

William said...

The braid is weird... i would steer clear of that one :) But, younger guys aren't always so bad! You do look younger than you are... i think it runs in our family :) from our young looking parents. And you do have a fun loving and energetic personality which will attract them all!
Love you- Lori

THE LIZARD'S said...

okay, so here is the THANG!!! see, now it is COOL to be dating an older woman.. a "cougar," if you will. This trend is good for women who are in their say.... 40's and single but for girls in thier late 20's...who wants a 20yr old immature guy that reminds them of their baby brother???!

Desiree said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry! At least you went and at least you tried. Good job. I think the problem is that you're too nice. You confuse the odd one's by your kindness and they take it the wrong way. I think you just need to be a little blunt with them. If you know it's not going to work, you might as well not waste either one of your time.

Bre said...

yeah, why do guys like pony tails better. I use to do my hair all cute and curly and then mark confessed while we were dating that he prefers it up. Which is a good thing, cuz that's pretty much how I wear it every day now.

politicchic6 said...

I never went to a YSA Conference and never felt the need. I once again feel good about that decision.

Alethea said...

Oh my gosh! I am in class right now, and I want to bust up laughing so bad. This has to be one of the best stories ever! think i might need to grow a jedi braid...