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Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Sailing Away

My good friend Rob that I have blogged about before, he is an FHE leader like me. Since my FHE partner was out of town today, we decided to join our groups for more FHE fun! I came up with our activity and Rob's group did the thought and such. For the activity, we made sailboats out of paper, tape and sticks. Then everyone decorated their boat. After everyone was done with that, we walked to the park and we put them in the pond to see which one would float the longest.

There were only a couple that were built well enough to last. Some people just caught their boat on fire to watch it burn in the pond.

Then Rob (wanting to be a dragon) went the next step to blow fire out of his mouth.

Regardless of the outcome, I think everyone had a good time. It is always fun to join groups too... get to know more people. I heard a few people say what a fun activity it was, which made me feel good. See? I do a good job, I shouldn't be fired. :o) I don't know why a lot of leaders don't think to do activities that involve arts and crafts. Maybe they don't think people will like it, or they are too lazy to put it together, or maybe their brain doesn't think of those sorts of activities. However, I have found that the arts and crafts activities (where people get to interact while being creative) are their favorite activities.
Another FHE Success!
P.S. I got a lot of compliments on my cute hat! Which made me happy.


Katie H. said...

I like how the guy in the back of the group picture has a dead serious look on his face but he's proudly holding up his boat. So funny!

Tessa and Adam said...

This activity looks familiar...fun isn't it!?

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Great idea! And that's a VERY cute hat!