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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 19

This morning I was at the airport. Of course... I was people watching. I was sitting waiting for my flight and next to me was an older man (50's) and across from him was an older woman about the same age. They started a conversation about the flight and then it led to other conversation. There was totally flirting going on here... especially on the man's part. Eventually he thinks of an excuse to go sit right next to her and then soon after that her conversation led to a story that included her husband. I could tell the man was disappointed, when she mentioned this, but the conversation politely continued. He was not wearing a ring.... but she was. Don't you look before you start flirting? Just saying...

Comments I get from people when I am at the airport are #1- about my pretty pedicured toes when I go through security... because I am usually wearing flip flops, therefore have to be barefoot when I go through. #2- My brown and white poka-dot suite case when I am at bag claim. Why? Because it stands out more than the rest. Which is why I love it. I know right when my bag is there, no question. P.S. Today's flight was the first one I have been one where the flight attendant on the speaker phone was a little comedian. She ended the flight with a song even. She sang to us "You are my sunshine". Everyone clapped for her. Too bad I was too tired to really appreciate it. If that were my job, I would probably do the same thing.

It is time for a new Ward Directory. My ward does a great job with the directory... I think. It includes maps of where everyone lives and where the bishopric lives. The first two years I had someone take my picture, like they normally do in-between classes. The next year for some reason the previous picture didn't work and they couldn't take a new one of me because I was in Guatemala, nor could they get a hold of me since I was not just out of town, but out of the country. So... they picked one of my pictures off of facebook to put in the directory, which was fine... except they chose this total glam shot from my sisters wedding years ago while everyone else in the directory had the normal picture. The next year, when the new directory went out, my picture was a different one they choose from my profile pictures on facebook. I didn't choose it. I was fine with it though. This year, I didn't request a change, but again a different facebook profile pic was chosen for my picture in the new ward directory. I just think it is funny that I don't request these changes, but they are putting in these pictures of me that I obviously like of me if I have had them as my profile picture on facebook. I have to say, its pretty awesome that I don't even have to ask to have it changed and they pick these pictures for me.

Tutoring this week. Sara and I show up and it was the FIRST time EVER that not one kid was there! We had no idea where they were. We couldn't even see them outside in order to bribe them to come in with Popsicles. It was sad, but we tried.

I love Novell, but something I don't look forward to everyday is the elevator. There are 4 of them, and I try REALLY hard to get one by myself everyday... but that doesn't happen very much. I just find elevators to be so awkward. It is not that I have a hard time talking to strangers, but in the morning I don't like talking.... to anyone. I am just that way. Plus, elevator rides are usually not long enough to have a real conversation. So... if someone does start a conversation with you, its usually about the crazy weather or they make a joke about work such as... "Its only Tuesday" or "finely got through the day" or "Is this week over yet". Even if you choose not to say anything (like I normally do) you still have that awkward silence for how ever long you are in there. Anyway, I just don't enjoy it, unless I am in the elevator with someone I know. But that doesn't happen very often either.


William said...

I always avoid the elevator and take the stairs... i have a weak stomach, and the stairs are good exercise! Hope you are having fun in the heat of AZ:)Love you- Lori

William said...

Oh... a lot of men don't look for a ring before they start flirting. You would be amazed

Abby Wright said...

You should look up funny saying to say in elevators. And use them.

Arizona is so nice and there is a HUGE LDS community there, Had I not moved to Vegas I would have moved to Arizona. Suppose to be fun there not to mention the GREAT weather.

I was at Kneaders for breakfast the other day by myslef...clearly pregnant and had my ring on and a guy started flirting with me and I was making it obvious that I was married AND expecting, still when he left he left me his number if ever I want to do breakfast again someday. SO WEIRD! I think I get hit on more married then I did single and even more being pregnant.

Kayleigh said...

Did you fly Southwest? When I went to AZ for the 4th of July and flew Southwest the guy sang to us too and he was really fun!!

Also, I totally understand how you feel about the elevator. We have SIX here at my work and sometimes it's just unavoidable. sigh...