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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take a Hike!

Tuesday was a great day. Not only did I throw a fun birthday party for my friend Jessica, but my work day was pretty awesome too. It was a beautiful day outside. My department at work... remember how I told you they are awesome? Remember how sometimes we go on fun activities instead of working? Like going to the movies, or when we did this? Well yesterday, we worked until noon and then we all packed up and went up to Sundance. Not only that, but my co-worker, Paul.... the one that worked on the Polar Express, He asked me if I wanted to ride up to Sundance with him on his motorcycle! I never turn that down. So I got to leave work, ride on a motorcycle on the freeway and up the BEAUTIFUL canyon on a nice sunny day! That would be enough to make my day awesome, but it gets better....

We get to Sundance and we ride the ski lifts up the mountain. Since I don't do any type of snow sports, this is my first time on a ski lift... and I love it. Just a fun relaxing ride up in the air with a beautiful view of the mountains and greenery around us.

After our ski lift ride, we had lunch at the top of the mountain. We all had boxed lunches that the company had bought. These were like gourmet boxed lunches... they were amazing. The boxed lunches even came with cheesecake.

After eating our lunches, we went on a 3 mile (total) hike to Stewart Falls. I have been before, but hiked from a different direction. It is a beautiful and easy hike, and the water fall is awesome.

After we were done with the hike, we all went home and I was still home sooner than if I worked a full day.
Beautiful Day+ Half Day of work + Motorcycle ride + Gourmet lunch + fun hike + beautiful surroundings + Home early = Awesome Day! Thank you to Novell and my awesome co-workers!


Bethany said...

SOOO awesome!!!!

Lynette Mills said...

ditto... very awesome

Des said...

What job do you have!?!? It sounds amazing! lol

jamie hixon said...

THAT is why you were at Sundance. Ha! I was even with you when you were ordering your lunch. Which one of those guys is the one that gave you the motercycle ride?

T-Ray said...

The one right in the middle with the white hat.

Caytlin said...

Being in the mountains during the summer is the thing that convinced me Utah wasn't such a bad place to live. It's amazing how beautiful it is, and there are so many canyons to explore! We went up Millcreek Canyon tonight for a wedding reception at a restaurant called Log Haven. You should check it out sometime. It's AMAZING.