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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Photography Blog

Remember the Train Station Photo-shoot? Remember how I told you we all had so much fun taking pictures together that we were going to do it a lot together over the summer? Well, Jamen pretty much shot that dream down. Turns out he got an internship in Arkansas or something like that. So he is gone ALL summer! Sadness, I know. I talked to him the day before he left and told him how sad I was that we were not going on photo shoots all summer. He mentioned starting a photography blog, so that we could still keep up with our photography even while he was away. I think he was joking, but I don't joke around when it comes to blogs (as you can probably tell). So I started one that the 4 photographers that went on that last photo-shoot can contribute to.
Oddly enough, all 4 of our last names form a sentence. Paspuel's Long Hall of Mills. I almost called our photography blog that, but then figured out that wasn't very catchy. Then I called it "Going Pro" because we are all armatures trying to improve and get professional looking pictures. But I didn't really like that either. Sarah came up with "Wannabes Photography". I like it better than mine, so that is what it will be until someone comes up with something better. Any feedback on the name & style of the blog is welcome. I think it will be fun though. A blog of 4 different people's photography and not just one. I will probably end up posting a lot that I have already posted on here.... but I will make sure to put new stuff on there too.

So without further ado, click here to check out the new shared "Wannabe Photography" blog. Remember, input is welcome... always.    :o)
Also, if you ever need to find the link in the future to this new awesome blog, you can click on my photo of the week picture (on the side of the blog) and it will take you there.


Abby Wright said...

How bout the name "How We See It Photography" or "Infocus photography" or something that has to do with your styles of photography. Like "Our visions Photography". I don't know...just thinkin'.

jamie hixon said...

I kind of like your last name sentence title, but then again I am a little random.