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Sunday, May 1, 2011


As you know from the "Flower & Garden Festival" post, I went to Walt Disney's Epcot Center with Kirsten a week ago. It was both of our first time there. We are both HUGE Disney fans and have been to Disneyland California so many times that we can't count. Because of this we had no interest in seeing their Disnyland part of Disney World. We would just compare the two and most likely be disappointed. However, we both heard many great things about Epcot, so we were excited and ready to explore.

For those of you who have never been to Epcot, its like Disneyland for adults. Not a lot of rides... more of looking and eating. Its a HUGE park that is set up into different parts that represent different countries. We visited them all! It actually takes up most of your day to just go through all of the countries... even if you are just looking around.

In the first country we visited, Mexico, I got really excited over the idea that we should take pictures in clothes from that country in the gift shops. I think we did that in 5 countries before we lost motivation. A couple of the countries had little rides to go on, but the majority of them had 360 degree movies about that country... which was pretty awesome too.

Here is a quick summary of all the countries at Epcot.

First is Mexico. This is one of the counties that had a little ride. Kind of like  the ride "Small World" at Disneyland. We also had lunch here in a restaurant that was candlelit by the water where the ride went by.... kind of like "The Blue Bayou" except not as awesome.

Then came Norway. Loved all the Vikings. This country also had a ride... which we actually really liked a lot. You get to be in an awesome boat and part of the ride you are cruising backwards.

Next up, China. This was the first country that we experienced the 360 degree movie about China. It was beautiful and made me want to go there. Big surprise. By the way... took the picture of the dog made out of plants because I was born the year of the dog.

Germany we went through pretty quickly.... but managed to get some pictures.

Sadly we didn't spend a lot of time in Italy ( I want to go to for reals Italy really bad) but we did catch this juggler as we were passing by.

After this we took a little break and we went to the car testing ride (which we both loved) and then to the Space portion of the park where we went on an intense mission to Mars. It was actually an awesome ride that I would have never gone on had I known it would spin like the Gravitron at the fair. They would spin you though as you went up into space so that you could feel that pressure... but because you are watching a screen of you going into space, you don't realize you are spinning. It was an interactive flight team game. I enjoyed it but I'm not going to lie.... we both had to lay down for a little bit after from the motion sickness.

Back to the countries. We started at the other end and decided to make our way to the middle. Where did this put us? Canada... where we watched another beautiful 360 degree film.

On to the United Kingdom next. We didn't really do much here... except later we bought Fish n Chips from there. Another place I would love to go. They had this garden that had mini fruit trees planted in tea pots throughout the garden. LOVE IT.

Next in line was France. Beautiful gardens.... looked like amazing food, sadly I didn't try any.

Morocco came next. Morocco was not only beautiful, but they also had a live Moroccan band and dancer. It was awesome, we stayed and watched the whole thing.

Then we went to Japan. Loved it there!!! I even got to try on a Kimono! I think Japanese Gardens are one of my most favorite things ever... so Japan was right up my alley.

Last but not least was America in the middle of all of the counties. What type of entertainment did we have? Teaching kids to dance to pop songs. It was actually pretty fun and we maybe got a snack and sat down and watched / danced with the kids. :)

After hanging out in all of the counties we went and found a good spot to watch the firework show... which was good, but not as good as Disneyland. Then they shut down the park.... which is at 9pm. WHAT? I was a little disappointed. There was still so much more we could have done. I guess we were pretty tired anyway.....

Epcot rocks. Hope I make it back again someday. 


Lynette Mills said...

looks like it was a lot of fun Tracy. You are getting to see so many great places!

Lori said...

I never realized what Epcot center was, that looks super neat! Glad you got to go.