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Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday 13

In honor of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 coming out today... and because I just got back from seeing it, I thought I would do a pirates related flashback. I could do a lot of those I guess... I sort of like pirates. I guess you know this if you saw my pirate party or when I went to pirate island... and went to pirate island again. Yeah.

But this post goes back to July 2006 when the second pirates movie came out. I was living in the Devonshire and a group of people decided to have a dress up BBQ to celebrate the new movie. Dress up? Yeah, I'm okay with that.

Most people came dressed up as normal people would dress up to be pirates... then there is my dear friend Steve who is clever and nerdy. He came looking like this....

I just shook my head when I saw him. Of course he would show up with a bunch of pirated DVD's stuck to him that he got while he was in China. A lot of people didn't get it... which made it even more funny.

Just for fun I thought I would add a picture of The Black Pearl. This is the Legit Black Pearl. When we went on our cruise to Mexico, it was parked in the ocean in Encinada for maintenance for something like that. I got to see the real Black Pearl. It was awesome too. Whats up now?

Yo ho yo ho a Pirates life for me!


Dallas and Kirsten said...

So remember how I was with you when you saw the Black Pearl...yeah good times!

Lori said...

funny that that guy thought of pirated movies for the party- good times!

jamie hixon said...

You make a really cute pirate.
Was the movie any good?