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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr. Fantasy

So I am out with this guy... At the end of the night we end up at his place talking and snuggling. Then we kissed. After kissing for a little bit... a good night turns weird.

Mr. Fantasy: "I knew when I first met you that we would end up hooking up" (Mormon version of make out)
Me: "Really? I didn't. Why did you think that?"
Mr. Fantasy: "I could just tell by the way we looked at each other"
Me: "I don't remember giving you a special look... and from what I remember... we talked for maybe 5 minutes at a party at my house that you showed up with a mutual friend"
Mr. Fantasy: "I could just tell"
Me: "Well..... awesome"
Mr. Fantasy: " You know, when I first found out you were a massage therapist I would have fantasies..."
Me: "Ummm what?"
Mr. Fantasy: "Yeah, I would have fantasies that you would be giving a massage on your table and then we would end up hooking up on the table."
Me:  *Speechless and WEIRDED OUT*   "Oh.... interesting"

What do you say to that? If you have fantasies or not.... I am pretty sure you don't tell the other person about them.... unless you are married. ha ha. I went home shortly after this conversation.


Bre said...

yuck yuck yuck yuck! Run, Tracy, Run!

Kel said...


Desiree' said...

Is this a recent story or old?
Really creepy. I totally agree you never talk about your "fantasies" unless you're married. ew....

Lori said...

Well, you found out that he is a good communicator of his feelings...

jamie hixon said...

Hmmm. I have no response to that.
(Anyone? Anyone? Joe vs. the Volcano. Come on, people!)