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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Night Party

I have a friend named Jennica. She has lots of friends. Today is her birthday. All the friends were by her side to celebrate at Applebees tonight. Popular girl. She is so popular that we were breaking fire code with all the people that we had at the table.

We thought it would be fun to pass my camera around the table and have everyone take pictures. Here is what came out from it...... good times is what came out of it.

Me and the birthday girl.


Jennica said...

Hooray for birthday! Thank you so much for coming and helping to make it an AMAZING night! The paper crane really took the party from cool to SUPER FREAKING COOL! And thanks for letting us commandeer your camera! You are the best!

Karen Ella said...

I <3 Jennica. I also <3 that you can only see my bangs in that first picture. Ha! I actually wasn't aiming to hide, for once...

jamie hixon said...

Oh to have friends.
Just kidding.
Well, sort of.
Anyway, looks like a good time. Except for the eating at Applebees part. I am not impressed with their food.