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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my mother, my grandmother, my sisters who are amazing mothers and all of my friends that are mothers and future mothers.

Saturday night I was driving with my friend Anne-Marie and drove by this house and saw this lighted sign. I thought it was so sweet.

At church on Sunday all the women were given flowers. It was very thoughtful and the flowers were beautiful.

The rest of the day I spent with my parents and oldest sister my dad's sister and ALL of her kids and grandkids. I had not seen my cousin in years!! So good to see them all.

Here is a poem to honor all of the wonderful mothers that I know.


Lori said...

Happy mothers day to you Tracy. All women are mothering in nature and are a mother in some respect. I think you are a mother to all those kids you help tutor. They can call you their tutor mother :)
Love you.

Lynette Mills said...

You are going to make a wonderful mother Tracy (and as Lori says... you already have the nature in you) Thanks for the kind words and thank for being my dauhter. You helped me to love being a mom.