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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Birds

No, I'm not talking about the movie, I'm talking about my mom's Lady Gouldian Finches.

My mom has always loved birds. She had a pet Quail that would follow her around the house when she was younger. One year for her birthday we all pitched in and got her a birdcage and told her she could get whatever birds she wanted. She chose 2 Lady Gouldian Finches. They are beautiful birds. She happened to get a male and a female. They happened to breed and my mom had more finches. They are beautiful birds, but they are not usually tame birds.

One of the times the finch laid eggs, she took care of them, but when they hatched, the little mother bird was injured and couldn't take care of them. My mom helped little mother bird and then had to take care of the babies... hand feeding them every 2 hours. End result? Tame finches that love people. My mom wrote an article all about it here. I think it is awesome what my mom did and I get to benefit from it. I love holding those birds when I go to my parents house.

My nieces really love them too. In fact they named them. Meet Sweetheart....

And Little Dude.

Cute right?

They are always a big hit when guests come over. Especially my friends. ha ha. I love to show off the birds. It is just rare that you get to hold birds like this. It never gets old for me.

My mom probably thinks it is weird that I am blogging about her birds.... but I really do love them. I hope they live a long time. ha ha.


flux biota. said...

I used to have spice finches. the noise they make are lovely and they are gorgeous.

jamie hixon said...

They are as old as Asher. I know because we were up all night feeding them at the same time. Ha.
PS Awesome pictures of Reanne! Hilarious.