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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 116

Oh wow... what a week it has been. It has been SO busy that it has just flown on by. Seriously. Even at work things got super busy for me... which is good.  Let me try and remember what even happened this week.

Monday we had a BBQ as a ward. That was pretty fun. After that I got out my tap shoes and practiced for the ward talent show. More about that in another post. I had not tapped in like 6 years. So fun. In fact, I have been having a blast with all of the dancing I have done in this past week. Ballroom, tap, practicing for Hairspray and Zumba. I love it. Dancing really does make me happy. I really should have done it more growing up and I should probably be doing it more now... like take a class or something.

Over the weekend I noticed that I was starting to get a cold. This was not acceptable with my week plans... the talent show and an adventure I am going on tomorrow with Jay and Rich. The cold had started, but it wasn't bad. It didn't start out with a soar throat like it normally does. I could breathe fine, I just was a little congested. I did everything in my power to make it go away and not get worse. I have never tried harder to not let a cold come on full force. I felt fine the whole time but all week I have been taking Nyquil to get good sleep at night, I have been taking airborn morning and night, I have been using nasal spray everyday, I have also been taking Cold Eeze which my visiting teacher swore by (and she was also sweet and left a note and some Cold Eeze at my back door one morning), I drank a half gallon of Orange Juice because Jay told me that would make it go away AND I told Rich and Jay and my visiting teacher that they all had to pray for me to feel fine by the end of the week. Ha ha. Anyway.... I really have felt fine this whole time, but I have been worried that it won't be good enough. Anyway, I am sure I will be fine tomorrow.

For Christmas my dad got my mom season tickets to the Hale Center Theater. My mom had told me a while back that they were going to be doing "The Secret Garden" which my mom knew that I loved the music and really wanted to see it... so she was nice enough to take me with her on Tuesday. I LOVED it. They did such an amazing job in that tiny theater and their singing was fabulous. It was just beautiful to listen to and their costumes were great too. My favorite song from that musical will always be "Lilly's Eyes". My mom and I had a great time. Great show.

Pretty much my whole week has been dedicated to practicing for the talent Show that was tonight. Probably because I was in 3 different acts. I was only worried about one though.... the tap number. A lot of people told me it was their favorite act of the night. I was so happy I actually did the whole thing without messing up! SUCCESS!!! I will have a whole post about it. The talent show was a lot of fun but now I am glad it is over because I have not been able to do anything else. ha ha. I do love to perform though, so I'm glad that I was so involved this time around. :) I don't know where my love for performing came from... because I didn't perform a lot growing up, except for choir and singing in church with the family.

Oh, and I got a pedicure. It was LONG overdue. I always get a flower on my big toe, but after looking at my roommates toes... I was thinking maybe I should try out the glitter toes. Mmmm.... I don't know. I need to get married ASAP... because the longer I am single the more high maintenance I become. ha ha


MoNiCa! said...

Love the toes T-rac! And I also swear by cold eeze! Take it 4 times a day! I hate the after taste though. I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how I havn't seen you in FOREVER! I'm gonna call you today!

jamie hixon said...

I hope we will get to see some video footage of your tap dancing. I know how you feel about that. I haven't tapped in forever either! Good for you for performing. I also want to see a video of Hairspray. Please.

Your toes are awesome. And your SANDALS are off the HOOK! I love them!