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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 117

This last week has been so great because the Talent show ended... so that stopped taking over my life and then I had a long weekend (because I took off Friday to go Scuba diving) and it was a super fun weekend at that. On top of that... it was busy because I had to quickly get things ready to go on vacation leaving Monday night. I know.... I have a good life.

Speaking of the good life... I am expecting to have quite an awesome summer. Seriously, between the list Vicki and I made and all of fun things that my friends and I have been planning. I am pretty excited about it. Look forward to an exciting blog to read this summer (I hope).

I need to get new luggage. Mine broke when I flew to Florida a year ago and I still have not replaced it. I never think about it until I need it... and by the time that happens I have to borrow one from someone. This time my good friend Sara was nice enough to let me borrow hers. Really, by my next trip, I need to have bought a new one. Putting on the to do list.

I'm super sunburned. I hate that. I really do put sunblock on, but my skin is just too darn fair! Hopefully I don't end up with skin cancer.

Also, my underwater camera started leaking. I am super frustrated about it and not quite sure what to do. Don't mess with me and my pictures. It is serious business. Most of my trip so far has been taken with that underwater camera... it can't fail me now.

Sunday was fun too because after church, I was sitting out at the park with some friends... and then I was going to head home for my parents yummy Sunday dinner and then I had friends that actually wanted to come with me. Tara, Stuart and Jay. I love it when my friends want to come with me to eat at my parents house. I am pretty sure that my family loves it too.Tara has won over my nieces and nephew, they even asked my sister if she can babysit them in the future. Stuart and Jay loved my mom's birds. Reanne asked me if I was going to marry one of the boys that I brought over (since her plan to have James as an uncle didn't work out in her favor) and reminded me that I am still single (so obviously I need to get on that) and I just had to laugh in front of the boys and tell her no... keep waiting. Start praying for it too while you are at it. Seriously. This was before she got upset.... when she got upset for everyone not playing along with her game, she wrote a note and posted it on the wall.... which I noticed who knows how much later. It made me laugh though... not that she was upset, just that this is how she handles it. I love all of my nieces and nephews and their different personalities.


Lynette Mills said...

I didnt know she asked you that.. ha ha.

jamie hixon said...

That is funny about the notes. Poor Reanne.

I got my luggage (Diane Von Furstenburg- designer even!) at Tuesday Morning like ten years ago. It has held up really well. I would check Overstock.com, Tuesday Morning, and other discount places.