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Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday 65

Back in Summer of 2005, when I lived at the Riviera with my good friend Monica, we wanted to have a Summer O Fun and we set a bunch of Summer goals of things we wanted to do. At the Riviera, it was very typical to see people on the roof. I remember the first time I saw one of my friends on the roof reading and just chillin..... it took me by surprise. I walked by and saw this.

Then it just became normal. Especially our ward.... I didn't see other people on the roof much except my friends. Not sure why. So then walking by and seeing friends like Kelli and Shauna on the roof was normal. In fact, sometimes you go up and join.

We loved any excuse to get up there. People had dinner dates up there, we flew kites up there (that will be a later flashback) we watched fireworks up there.... so on and so forth. Well one day Monica and I decided that it would be super awesome to sleep up there, so we added it to our list of things we wanted to do that summer. We were not sure if we could get away with it... because you are obviously not supposed to be up there and if we slept up there, there was a chance we could get caught when the management and maintenance men came for work the next morning.... plus we had to get down with all of our stuff. Well, one night, we decided we were just going to do it. I know that I have trouble sleeping on hard ground, so I decided that I was going to bring a mattress up with me. I was sure how... but I knew it would be worth it. I think as people saw us making the trek up their stairs on the guys building with all of our stuff... started to wonder what we were doing. Of course nobody cared. I think we invited people to join us, but nobody would. Just my friend Cami from work that hung out with me a lot that summer. She was always up for an adventure.

Somehow I got the mattress up there and it was totally worth it. I slept so good. Summer nights here are the perfect temperature for sleeping outside, I was comfortable in a bed, I had the beautiful stars to look at, but not only the stars but a view of the mountains and a little bit of the city. Plus, we didn't get caught. We got up with the sun and I just threw the mattress off the top of the roof to land on the ground 3 stories down. At night we stayed up talking for a little bit. Although nobody joined our sleepover, we did have a couple of guys visit as they got ready for bed since the access to the roof that is the easiest to get up is on the guys side. So they hung out for a bit and then everyone went to bed.

Good times. So glad that we put it on our summer list and actually did it (not just talked about it as ideas so often go). That is what I love about Monica. We could both throw out crazy ideas and we knew they other would always be up for it. I miss our adventures. I am going to try and do the same thing this summer, I am going to be the one to create the fun and silly things that we do around Provo. Hopefully people are up for it and ready for it. :)


MoNiCa! said...

AHhh! I always love it when I am in your "flashback friday" posts! And I totally forgot we slept up there! Honestly, when I first started reading the post and saw my name...and the riv roof, ya know what came to mind right away that I also forgot about?...When we put tin foil on a stuffed animals eyes then attached it to a fishing pole and casted that off the roof to scare people driving by!That was with you right? LOL!!!! I miss the riv! We had so much FUN!!!! :)

T-Ray said...

Mo-Trash! Of course I remember that. I still tell people that all the time and crack up while I tell about it. That and the white elephant gift exchange where you gave away the tuna bombs and bubba the snake! ha ha ha!

jamie hixon said...

That is fantastic. You would be totally ready for the zombie apocalypse up there.